Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Every day after I pick up my two little ones from "school" (aka day care, but I'm a teacher, so I like to call it school), I have to cross a busy four lane highway to head for home.

Some days we have to sit and wait patiently until there is a break in the traffic.  Some days we get lucky and we can cross easily without waiting.  It all depends on the timing.

As I slowed to the stop sign and looked both ways, it was clear.  I put the pedal to the metal and zoomed across the open lanes in our "silver bullet" (aka Honda Odyssey mini-van).

"Go! Go! Momma!"  I heard from the back seat drivers.  "Yeah! Go Momma!"

Now, it has become a ritual. Every day that I speed to cross the lanes of traffic, I hear the chanting.  How can I do anything but laugh and join in?!?

"Go! Go! Mommaaaaaaa!"

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  1. Enjoy and stay safe Michelle and clan

  2. So mama is a speedster. :-) Fun moment that you caught. Their words would have been lost in time, but now you can relive this moment. Precious!

  3. Aww - I love it. My boys have gotten old enough that they aren't cheering my driving anymore. I miss that. :)

  4. Soo sweet! Car time with my boys used to be my favorite- I didn't have them (I adopted them at 7 and 9) when they were this age, but I loved the conversations we had as they sat beside me. Now they drive and I rarely get to sit with them. I miss our time together!

  5. Be careful Michelle... driving permits will be here one day and they will be chanting go P...go M... ;-) and they probably won't be driving a mini van!! Loved the picture this put in my head!

  6. I can just see the expressions on their faces. Faster, Momma! But oh please be careful with that precious cargo. Love ya M

  7. I had to laugh and join in too, Momma!

  8. Once your girls see Cinderella, try this: I loved to watch the lights, and just before it turned green, I'd say, "Bibbidy, bobbidy boo!" My girls thought I was magical! :)
    Thanks for a fun car story - Vroomy vroom! Momma at the wheel!

  9. ha ha when they are teenagers they will saying that to you to hurry away from school before any boys see them with their momma! Enjoy momma enjoy!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  10. Funny! I could just picture their gleeful faces as the Silver Bullet sailed through.

  11. I like your use of the 'aka' in this slice, like a little peek into your personal vocabulary. If your little ones were old enough to read, I am sure they would be chanting, "Go, Momma! Go!" every time you sliced!

  12. Be safe! I kinda felt a bit of fear when I read your post. I was thinking myself when I have to cross a highway every morning when I go to work. But I probably have a reason to fear...I drive a 1991 Geo Metro 4 cylinder! lol

    First Grade Delight


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