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{a walk} #sol19

Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ Rescuing a dog comes with many responsibilities, like lots of walks. Every day Harley and I walk about the neighborhood at least two times a day. One walk occurs after the girls get on the bus in the morning. I make my way around the outside of neighborhood completing the one-mile stretch. It's usually a quiet walk as most are off to school or work. Sometimes I think about my day and ponder life or pray. Other times I intently observe the neighborhood, houses, plants, front doors, and so on looking for ideas an

{Starting Again} #sol19

Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ I can't believe it's been almost a year without writing a slice of life or even a blog post. After years of writing. Nine years. 626 published blog posts. Most slice of life stories. To be exact. I know that my habit of writing slipped away. I chose to ignore the blog, the calls for slices, the messages from far away friends. I let it go. It's hard really to say why. I'm sure it's a combination of home and school. And to be honest, my heart wasn't in it. However, my heart has been e

Join us! #cyberPD 2019

It's the 9th Annual #cyberPD Summer Event! Check out our NEW  #cyberPD MeWe Group   to learn more! We can't wait for YOU to join in the conversations! ________________________________________________________________ I can't believe it's that time of year already. Where do the days, weeks, months go? I'm ready to slow things down for summer and enjoy a few great books. Ok, who am I kidding? A LOT of great books. The one book always at the top of my list is the professional development book selected for #cyberPD. This book is treasured and shared by many educators across the globe as we come together to learn, to share, to grow, to know better, and to be better in all that we do. Here are the titles we have read over the last eight summers: Here's how #cyberPD Works: NOW ... The time to share your PD book stack! JUNE 1st ... The much anticipated #cyberPD book will be announced! This allows everyone time to purchase the book and begin readin