Saturday, May 20, 2017

#cyberPD: Share YOUR Book Stack 2017

Welcome to the SEVENTH #cyberPD summer event!

Check out our  #cyberPD Google Community to learn more about our summer PD. 
Cathy Mere and I can't wait for YOU to join our community and conversations.

I cannot believe yet another school year is ending and endless days of summer will be arriving. For me, summer is an opportunity to experience the fun of playing at home, outside in the backyard, visiting local parks and zoos, stopping by the library, getting lost in a book, and occasionally getting bored with my twin seven year old girls.

I also like to dig into a professional book (or a few when time allows ...) with a group of amazing educators that participate in the summer learning of #cyberPD. This group pushes my thinking and makes me want more. Kylene said it best:

Our goal is to pick THAT book that will teach us something, touch us, make us want more, and fill us up.  Each summer one professional book is chosen to be read by the #cyberPD community.  During the month of July, the book is discussed across three weeks.  Each week participants read and discuss a different section of the selected book.  Share your thoughts each week around specific chapters with a reflection in the Google Community -- a blog post, a Google+ comment, and on Twitter (#cyberPD).  We encourage you to respond and comment on at least 3 other participants reflections. 

That's what #cyberPD does for you:  Provides an opportunity to read a common book, share your thoughts, and grow with educators across the globe.  

You will not want to miss out on the conversations and learning this summer.


So, are you in?  

Your FIRST step is to share your PD book stack 
in the "Share Your Book Stack" section!

Click the link below:

We'll be sharing our #cyberPD book selection on June 3rd, 2017. Then, come July, we'll all have the selected PD book in hand, sticky notes and highlighters ready, ready for sharing.  Let the true learning begin.  I hope you will join in the conversation too!


Stay connected via Twitter and our #cyberPD Google Community to learn more about 
#cyberPD starting in July and to find out more specific details.  

For your planning, the book is divided into thirds and each week in July we 
read, reflect, share, and respond to others. Then the last week, we will host a final Twitter chat. 

Got questions, suggestions, or wonders?  Contact one of the #cyberPD co-hosts:
Michelle Nero on Twitter @litlearningzone and blogs here at Literacy Learning Zone

Past #cyberPD titles include:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

{excuses} #sol17

Slice of Life is hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join in and share a slice of your life. 

And just like that three weeks fly by without writing a slice.
But I have excuses:

My brain is full and ready to share what's on my mind ... just not here.

Many changes happening in my district ... that I'm not ready to share.

New position on the horizon ... but I'm not sure yet.

My girls turned SEVEN ... and I still cannot believe it.

Kid parties, family parties ... oh, thank you cards to help write.

The every day to do list ... that never (ever!) gets shorter.

I know excuses shouldn't really matter.
So I'm back to writing a slice today.