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sols: thank-full

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers There were many moments from the long Thanksgiving weekend that I want to capture.  My family had a spectacular visit at my Mom and Dad's house in the country, including some much needed peace and quiet and sleeping in (except for the two and a half year olds running around enjoying exploring Grandma and Grandpa's).  It was time to disconnect from the every day race of life and enjoy the company, delicious food, and the rest the days had to offer. But today I need the reminder to be thankful.  After a vacation away from home and the usual routine, the day afte

sols: time

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers time moves forward faster than i can keep up. calendar pages flip and early dark  evenings have arrived. thanksgiving is here with family time near to celebrate.  december, cold, snow will arrive with absolutely no fear. more family-days holidays christmas and new year's eve. i  need  time to   s   l   o  w  but i already know the busiest time of year is now right here. as best as we can, let's savor, remember, write sit back to slow down time  relish the memories. enjoy this time

sols: this is ralph

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers I'm feeling a bit like Ralph. I want to lay on the floor and look for a story. I wish I could do anything else right now but write. I need my students to understood that I feel this way too sometimes. Just like Ralph.  Just like them. Oh! What? I'm sorry. You don't know who Ralph is? Well, you have to meet him!   I heard about Ralph on Twitter and Goodreads .  I knew he was out there, but we never really connected. I was formally introduced to Ralph by Stacey at the Two Writing Teachers  blog.  I learned about Ralph's story with some help from Abby .  There w

sols: a children's prayer

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers A little moment from my family blog: Every night we say prayers on the floor of the girls' bedroom.  P usually sits by Momma.  M wanders and crawls about the room even though every night we ask her to sit still.  (We even tried to tell her that's what God wanted her to do . . . didn't work.) Tonight was no different.  We folded our hands and began our recited prayer. "Now I lay me down to sleep . . . "  I peeked open my eyes to watch M.  P whispered to me to close my eyes. "I pray the Lord our souls to keep . . . "  M pushed her folded hands towards our folded