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solsc.2012: what now? 31/31

solsc.2012: just another day 30/31

solsc.2012: wishes 29/31

Today is kind of a special day . . . it's my birthday!  Really, it's just another day.  But how do I want to remember this year?  How can I capture it here?  I've thought about it and thought about it and scribbled ideas in my notebook. I could borrow Terje's 'before and now' format.  I could write a poem.  Or, what I've learned in 36 years like Deb wrote last year. Ah, I have an idea!  Birthday wishes!  Oh, wait.  I think I did something like this last year.  Oh well, I guess I liked the idea, so I'll try it again.  (I promise not to peek until this post is complete.)

Here are 36 birthday already-came-true-wishes . . . in no particular order!

1. My two precious daughters
2. My lovey hubby
3. My supportive family - Mom, Dad, Bro Scott
4. Faith in God
5. Beautiful Grace
6. Abounding love
7. True happiness
8. Play! (My One little word)
9. Good Health
10. Words, words, words
11. Books, books, books
12. Naps 4 All
13. Sunny days
14. Highlights
15. Fresh hai…

solsc.2012: talk 28/31

solsc.2012: a first 27/31

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