Wednesday, March 28, 2012

solsc.2012: talk 28/31

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are the usual.

with my mom
this week
have been,
to say the least,

We've been talking
y o u.

Isn't she the sweetest?
Wow - if her students don't just love her . . . 
Isn't her family amazing?
Can you believe . . . 
I just can't imagine.

Her words are so moving.
What do you think she meant by . . . 
What a surprise!
Did you see . . .
Oh, you have to read this!

We talk
as if we have
these old friends
and their stories to share.

has brought us
closer and 
more connected.

Thank you for sharing
your words
your stories
your laughs
your tears
your lives
with us.

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  1. Love that you and your mom were brought closer with this challenge. So cool!

  2. Isn't it fun to have something new in common? So many new friends for each of you.

  3. I love that you've been able to share this with your mom! I tried to get my mom to join goodreads with me so we could share books together but the technology scares her. :) I know I couldn't get her to join me in writing!

  4. I think it is fun you have brought your mom along on this adventure. My brother and sister-in-law joined me the challenge so my mom has been busy reading all of our work. She reminds me of the days when we were little and would bring work from school home to her.

    Enjoyable poem, Michelle. I can tell you from your writing this week that you and your mom are very close. Wonderful!


  5. Glad you and your mom are even closer through all the writing. I'm feeling closer with my girls during this trip, especially writing about it. Slicing has been a great tool!

  6. Such a fun way to do something together!

  7. Oh, my. You do it day after day after day, word after word after word. Your writing doesn't stop amazing me. Lucky, lucky you to have your mom there to talk about writing.

  8. It has been great fun sharing in this form of communication. I have learned so much from you and all of the other slicers. I have become more confident when commenting and feel that I have gotten to know your friends, who have now become my friends. Your poem hit the mark - you have such a pleasant way with words. Thanks for inviting me to broaden my horizon and to share our love of writing. Love ya M

  9. Such a beautiful description of the power of this community! I think it's amazing that you and your mom have done it together! Everyone's stories are so incredible that they are such fun to share -- I wish I could really talk about them with someone like that! I often tell my husband about people's slices, but it's not the same since he hasn't read them! What a wonderful experience for you both!

  10. I love your poem. The excitement of conversation. The shared stories. Nicely done. Thank YOU.

  11. Impressive work here!

  12. I talk to my mom about you guys all the time too, only she doesn't know who you are. It must be so much more fun to participate together!

  13. You do know us all--and we are friends--just because we don't get to meet for coffee or see a movie together doesn't mean we don't share our lives. I love that you and your mom shared this challenge. What a cool thing.

  14. Seems like it would be so fun to do this with a family member. I wonder if I could get anyone in my family to slice next year!

  15. I love that you were able to put these thoughts into a poem. My friend is slicing with me and we have laughed at how we refer to writers by name and talk about them like we really know them. Isn't it interesting?

  16. So wonderful the relationship you and your mom have and really cool how you could put it into a poem like this that made every reader blush.


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