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SOLS: Comments Matter

Check out more Slice of Life Stories  at the  Two Writing Teachers Yesterday, Ruth asked a very important question: What fuels writers? Feedback is important in the writing process.  Someone to open your eyes.  Someone to challenge your thinking.  Someone to question.  Someone to help you change and rearrange your words to let them flow.  Someone to encourage you to try something new.  Someone to help open your heart and mind to grow in the writing process.   Comments matter.  In my busy life, I don't have the opportunity to read all the Slice of Life posts, but I do try and read as many as I can . . . especially those writers that I know and love to read each week.  As I read a Slice of Life Story, I try and connect with the author, learn a little bit more, listen a little bit deeper, understand why the writer wanted to share the slice of life.  And so, from there, I leave a comment . . . most of the time.   Comments matter.  There are many  that comment. Readers that p

SOLS: To Live is to Laugh

Check out more Slice of Life Stories  at the  Two Writing Teachers Over the weekend, I took my two girls to Costco.  It's one of those wholesale warehouse stores with huge carts with room for two up front - perfect for a mom with twins!  We arrived as it opened, before the Saturday crowd scurried in to fill up the aisles.  I plopped the girls in the cart and we were ready to shop. "Uh oh," P said as she showed me half of the buckle.  Somehow we picked a cart that did not have two functioning buckles. I didn't think they would notice. I easily forgot that they are my husband's daughters.  We must follow the rules and obey all safety procedures.  How do they know this at 18 months? "It's okay. It's broken. I'll be right here. You'll be fine." "Uh oh," P repeated, knowing this response wasn't good enough. "Oh, look at the lights!" I said, doing my best to distract her. We first browsed the Christmas tre

SOLS: Threads of Life

Check out more Slice of Life Stories  at the  Two Writing Teachers Threads of life intertwining,  but  pull one thread like a string on a sweater and watch me unravel.  I'm incomplete. Balancing               precious time with               my beautiful, silly 18 month old girls,               my adoringly sensitive husband,               and my other full time job with               27 students and numerous colleagues asking thoughtful questions               searching for answers, possibilities, opportunities Praying                   that I can create harmony in my life fulfilling all those needs,               including my own.            Reading                all the latest and greatest picture books my library has in stock,                the YA that I missed out on years ago                including "reading" audio books in the car,                professional reading, journals, articles, books,                Twitter, Google Reader, blogs

SOLS: One Reason To Read This Book

Check out more Slice of Life Stories  at the  Two Writing Teachers Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher My rating: 4 of 5 stars One reason to read this book: It was a great "listen"! Every time I got in my car, I listened. I made trips around town longer to listen. I sat in the school parking lot an additional 15 minutes to listen to the end this morning!  I had to listen. First of all, I love how this book was written and how Jay Asher thought of the idea -- brilliant! An issue like suicide is never simple or easy to understand. So many unanswered questions. So many unknowns. Reaching out for help. Subtle clues that can be missed because life is too busy. Everyone has a story to tell. And Hannah told her story. Just listen to the tapes. This week I received this email and thought it was worth sharing. A simple, yet powerful example of how delicate we all are, especially our children: A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gav

SOLS: Do You Ever Get the Feeling?

Check out more Slice of Life Stories  at the  Two Writing Teachers Do you ever get the feeling of being pulled this way and that? S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d t     h    i     n in all directions? Trying your best to please them all? Agreeing to help out whenever you can? Giving 110% while trying to Balance this delicate life of home and school? But everyone needs you  NOW? I need me now.   I need me time.  I need me back. I need  ME now.