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{pen pals} #sol19

Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ Lisa sent me a message at the beginning of summer wondering if my girls would be interested in a summer pen pal with her daughter. "Yes!!" They shouted. And they waited for the first letter to arrive. It arrived one late afternoon as I was making dinner. They ripped open the envelope and read the note together with pure excitement. I have the image of them huddled together reading it aloud. I wish I grabbed my phone to capture a picture. Within minutes, they each grabbed a notecard and a pen. Standin

{Welcome to Writing Workshop} #cyberPD Reflection Week 1

I'm reading and reflecting on Welcome to Writing Workshop with a different lens than most teachers. As a reading specialist, I am not fully implementing writing workshop. However, I can support teachers with implementation, brainstorm ideas through the challenges, and support reading and writing in my role knowing the full experience of the workshop model. My Thoughts and Reflections for Week 1: Chapter 1-4 "It's our belief that every student can write --  even the ones who have stopped believing in themselves as writers ."   (Shubitz & Dorfmann, p.1) Takeaways I work with students who have not yet developed the belief that they are readers and writers. So to hear from the authors they too belief ALL students are writers reminds me of the power of YET. I need to remember this definition when talking about workshop: "The structure of writing workshop is simple: it is student centered and based on the belief that students