Monday, March 31, 2014

solsc: Goodbye and Hello! 31/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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The last day of spring break
after nine days with
my girls playing and singing
and enjoying our time together
disregarding any schedule
saying, "Goodbye, I'll miss you today."

The first day back to school after 
nine days of spring break
tired eyes, but happy faces
listening to all that happened
and (hopefully) talking about books read
saying, "Hello, I missed you!"

The last day of cold, snowy
wintery weather with
the last piles of snow melting
and time to put the bulky warm coat 
away for good ... maybe until Friday,
saying, "Goodbye.  It's time to leave."

The first day of spring-like weather
sunshine and blue skies
playing in the backyard noticing
green sprouts in the garden
awakening after the long winter
saying, "Hello! It's about time!"

The last day of a month long 
writing challenge where for me
the writing was manageable
sharing slices of my life,
but the time for commenting proved difficult
saying, "Goodbye, it's been an amazing month!"

The first day of a new year
of Tuesday Slice of Life writing
begins again tomorrow,
saying, "Hello ... again! I can't wait 
to get another chance to hear 
your story and leave you a comment!"


Sunday, March 30, 2014

solsc: missing you 30/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

The girls spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa at Uncle Scott and Aunt Jen's house Friday night.  

My husband and I were blessed with date night.  A celebratory birthday dinner out.  All through dinner we talked about the girls.  We watched the videos of them ice skating.  We laughed about the funny little things they do and say.  

A video text goodnight.  We started to miss them.

Fast forward to Saturday.  The day was all ours too.  We played racquetball, had breakfast out, did a little browsing and shopping.  We continued to talk about the girls.  Another video text was sent with a "happy birthday" message.  

We then cleaned the screened-in-porch to encourage spring to arrive.  I enjoyed the clean porch for a half an hour before we headed to my brother's house for my family birthday dinner.  We thought about the girls all day.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. We walked in the door to see two happy girls with hugs for us both.  Oh, it was so good to see them.  The missing them now gone.

We spent the evening talking, laughing, eating a delicious meal.  We shared, smiled, celebrated with a triple chocolate cake with sprinkles.

It was a perfect evening with my family and my girls. 

Fast forward to late Saturday night.  We brushed teeth, said prayers, and tucked the girls into bed.  All was quiet as I plopped down on the couch with my laptop in hand thinking about my slice.  I opened up my laptop and started to type when I heard a little voice over the monitor.

"Mommy.  Mommeeee.  I have poopy."

"And I have two boogers."

I know one day I will miss this too ... 


On a side note ... I traveled to Google to find this yesterday!  What a fun little gift!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

solsc: me&joy 29/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

After becoming a wife and a mother, I rarely put myself first.

But today, I can.  It's my birthday.  

image from icanread

Today is a celebration of me and finding joy in the ordinary!

1.  My Almighty God who never gives up on me
2.  My loving husband who leads our family
3.  My sweet, sweet daughters who always make me laugh
4.  My supportive mom and dad who remind me what unconditional love is
5.  My caring brother and new sister-in-law who are only a text away
6.  My always-there-for-me friends and colleagues
7.  My church, praise music, and my pastor helping me to know Jesus
8.  My small group family that I'm maturing with in Christ 
9.  Connections through all facets of my life
10.  Learning all that my brain can absorb
11.  Reading as much as I can when I can if I can find the time
12.  Writing on this little blog every Tuesday and throughout March
13.  Books, and more books, and all kinds of books
14.  Chocolate (dark chocolate, mint chocolate, really any flavor of chocolate)
15.  Updated new haircut and highlights and pretty toes too
16.  Middle of the day naps (rare these days)
17.  Time together with family and friends
18.  Time alone, just with me and my thoughts
19.  A half-way-there deep breath soaking in all this happy
20.  Playing games with my girls, dress-up, marching band, board games
21.  Reading with my girls, one of the "just one more book" books
22.  Snuggling with my girls in the morning, afternoon, and evening
23.  A home cooked meal (and not planned or prepared by me!)
24.  Fresh, clean cool-on-the-legs sheets
25.  Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, ice cream delights
26.  Sunshine and warm breezes (soon I hope!)
27.  Fresh from the garden bouquet of flowers
28.  Sleep (I definitely need my sleep to be happy) 
29.  Exercise (even though I don't do it often enough...)
30.  Prayer and time with God
31.  Blessing others
32.  Pinterest no-brainer kind of activity 
33.  Making a difference
34.  Laughter, loud, fun, straight-from-the-gut laughter
35.  Inside jokes that make me smile
36.  Making memories
37.  Spring break birthdays (only twice did it fall on a school day)
38.  My strength in YOU and your comments!  Thanks for your support all month!

Birthdays allow me to slow down 
and be thankful for so much in my life.

image found on Pinterest/originally found on

My birthday lists from   2013  --  2012 --  2011

Friday, March 28, 2014

solsc: won't/will 28/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

As my spring break slows to an end, Chris got me thinking with her slice from yesterday.   I suggested in my comment that her format would be a great mentor text and writing prompt for students as they return from spring break.  And, so, she also provided me with the perfect format for my slice!

Spring break has been a gift.  A gift of time.  A gift of together.  A gift of relaxation.

What I won't miss about this week:
The cold (and snowy) first days of spring
Being the ice skating mom (that's dad's job)
The girls not always being loving to each other
Planning and preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Keeping the girls busy and happy ALL day
Patience during nap time (every other day)
The stay-at-home-mom exhaustion
The lack of school-related stresses that will begin again Monday

What I will miss about this week:
Slow mornings (no hurry hurry!)
Time with my parents
All the conversations
Laughing so much (four year olds are funny)
Middle of the day rest, relaxation, and naps
Stopping by the library whenever
Shopping during the day (without feeling rushed)
Enjoying every minute with my girls

And I must remember this gift I have enjoyed.  This gift of time together.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

solsc: today 27/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

todaygrandma was so helpful with the girls -- playing, reading, singing, crocheting and happy
want to be: slowing down time this week (it's Thursday already?) and taking more naps
blessings: for this time together with my parents and my girls -- i love when they can see on a daily basis why i love them so much
thinking: i'm accomplishing some on my list, but i am enjoying deep breaths and my time more
planning: the last couple days of spring break, including my birthday  
writing: the twenty-seventh day this month--27 stories, 27 moments captured, 27 wow
loving: the conversations and my parents hearing every day living with the girls  
grateful: for time with family, time for a break from the everyday routine, and time to rejuvenate

and today {again}: i treasure time with family


{This go-to easy-format quick-thinking in-the-moment writing idea is compliments to 

"It's a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, 
and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday." 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

solsc: importance of a note 26/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

Monday my girls and I stopped by the library to pick out some books and pick up free tickets to see a theatre group bring the "Llama Llama" books to life.

After we each browsed and selected five picture books, plus "just one more Mommy, and this one too," I stepped over to the self-checkout desk with a large stack of books. 

I heard the girls whispering, "Oh, we need a Pete the Cat book."  Then they huddled around a small round table.

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

"P-P-Pete.  P." 

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.


Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

"P-E-te.  Mommy, what's next?"

I looked over at the girls.  I realized they snagged two white scraps of paper and little pencils for making a note about the location of a book when looking at the online catalog.

"Oh, what are you doing?" I inquired as I walked over dragging the exploding library book bag.

"Well, we need to find a Pete the Cat book, so we are writing a note. We need help," P. informed me.

"Let's see what you have so far," I smiled, loving this little moment.

Together, we sounded out the rest of Pete.  Then I shared the tricky word "the" and they worked on the sounds in cat together.

The importance of writing, even at (almost) four years old.  


My girls surprise me daily with how literacy impacts their lives that I sometimes take for granted how important these stepping stones are in their literacy development.  (I'm a little biased ... I also think that they are two smart cookies!)  Honestly, I didn't think about sharing this moment, until I found their notes in my purse on Tuesday.  I always enjoy reading Stacey's stories about Isabelle's literacy learning and because of her observations and sharing, I realized what a special literacy moment this was for us!