Saturday, March 22, 2014

solsc: nine days 22/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Nine days

1.  Breaking from the regular early morning school routine.
             "Do we go to school today?"
2.  Time together and with Grammy & Grampy too.
              "Do we get to stay home?"
3.  S l o w i n g life down to enjoy each moment of the day.
              "Can we snuggle in the big bed?"
4.  Playing what we want when we want.
               "Can we make a project?"
5.  No rushing out the door.  Nowhere to be.
               "Can we stay here?"
6.  Reading books.  Reading more books.
               "Mommy, can we read this book?"
7.  Planning activities out or just staying in.
                "Where are we going to go?"
8.  Resting together during the afternoon.
                "Can we snuggle together?"
9.  Finally ... Spring break.  
                 "We don't go to school today? Or tomorrow?"

Nine days


  1. Looking forward to spending all those moments with you and the girls. What shall we do? Just enjoy!

    Love ya, Mom

  2. I can just hear all their questions now! Have a wonderful week! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. Ahhh, the blessed moment of time to do whatever! Enjoy every moment!

  4. My granddaughters call it 'stay-at-home-day', & ask when it is, so excited to just 'be', just like your post today, Michelle. A grand week of snuggling and reading! Enjoy and Celebrate, too!

  5. Sounds that you have fabulous nine days waiting for you. I hope you will have some time just for you too. S-l-o-w is the way to go.

  6. E N J O Y ! ! ! There is something about a break that refreshes the mind!

  7. Happy Spring Break! May it be the best ever! And I love this format. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. This sounds wonderful! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


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