Friday, March 21, 2014

solsc: snippets of kidspeak 21/31

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So many times during the day, my almost-four year olds say the darndest things.  I need to write down more of their words!  Here are some snippets of kidspeak from this week:

M. is easily distracted.  We were driving to "hockey tot" class and she was mid-sentence sharing about something she spotted out the window, and then she yelled, "Squirrel!"  In less then three seconds, she yelled out, "BB black Jeep!" (A Jeep game my husband created due to his obsession.) 

And instantly, P. piped in, "Squirrel driving a Jeep!" without even trying to be funny.

But Daddy and I could not stop laughing.


We were driving home at dusk and M. commented on how it was starting to get dark.

"How does it get dark?" P. inquired.

I gave my husband the look of: "Oh, the good questions are starting!"

He rambled on about the sun and rotating and spinning and using his hands to represent the Earth and the sun and God creating night and day -- all while driving.

"Oh, so God turns the Earth?" She replied.

We laughed and agreed with her conclusion, "Yes, God turns the Earth."  

With that, M. decided it was her turn to ask a question:  "What does Jesus do?"


In the morning when the girls first wake up, they are extra snuggly.  I get to hold them tight as they snuggle into me.  I always tell them they are still my babies.

"I'm not a baby.  I'm big!" P. announced.

I jokingly asked the girls if they wanted a baby brother*. 

"No!!!  We don't like boys!" M. responded to my inquiry.

I laughed at her quick response.  "Oh, Daddy will be happy to hear that!" I told her.

"Wait.  But Daddy is a boy.  We love Daddy," P. clarified.

*{No, Grammy and Grampy, don't read into this!}


  1. Gotta love those questions and comments. Thanks for the last comment - there was fleeting thought! Just wait, the questions get tougher as they get older and smarter. See ya soon. Love ya, Mom

  2. You are funny Michelle . . . I too needed the reminder at the end ;-) I love the saying "out of the mouths of babes" and this is the reason why! I loved "what did Jesus do?"

  3. I laughed so hard at "What does Jesus do?" I started coughing. They are priceless!

  4. These girls are destined for greatness! Love all their sayings and how differently they see the world. SQUIRREL!

  5. The thoughts and the words of little kids (I didn't say babies) bring a smile and a chuckle. You get double of the funny moments and phrases.

  6. These are precious conversations. I just love them all. You should have SoundCloud ready to go. (But do what I do... hide it from them under a table or behind your back so they don't see you recording them. That way you can get all of the good stuff.)

  7. How I wish I'd saved some from my son. You are smart to catch a few, even if you don't get them all. Their thoughts and expressions are too cute!

  8. Adorable! So fun to read!

    P.S. I may have had the same thought as Grammy and Grampy! Wink!

  9. I absolutely loved reading this. Your kids are adorable. They put a huge smile on my face this afternoon. :) What tender moments! Thanks for sharing.

  10. It is fascinating how children grab onto the words that we use. "So, God turns the Earth?" You have good listeners and observers!

  11. So great that you are capturing some of these priceless conversations! Then we get the joy of reading them. Fun!


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