Saturday, March 8, 2014

solsc: saturday 8/31

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Saturday mornings are simply my favorite.  

Saturday mornings are not for waking up to the BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! of the alarm clock.
Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, except today when the girls woke up with the daylight.
Saturday mornings are for talking in bed.  I love listening to the girls' conversations in the morning.

Saturday mornings are not for rushing.  No racing along or pushing out the door to school.
Saturday mornings are for snuggling in the big bed, giggling and enjoying being silly.
Saturday mornings are for eating a little snack in bed in our pajamas watching a cartoon. 

Saturday mornings are not for anyone else or being anywhere else.
Saturday mornings are for questions like,"Mommy, what are we doing today?
Saturday mornings are for family.  We have the choice and time to do what we want to do.  

Saturday mornings are simply my favorite.  

What do you simply love about Saturday mornings?


  1. I love Saturdays for sooo many reasons . . . the best is the no rushing for sure. It's the one day most of the time when any schedule . . . heck there is no schedule and I LOVE THAT!!! I think that will be the best thing about retirement . . .NO SCHEDULE or at least the schedule will be what I want it to be! Enjoy the day with the girls and hubby :-)

  2. I love how you wrote about your Saturday mornings!

  3. The snuggling and giggling in bed - sweet. Saturday mornings are slow, simple and sweet. I hope that your day will be filled with more giggles and no rush.

  4. What do I love? Staying in my pj's a little longer, an extra cup of coffee, endless possibilities....thanks for sharing yours!

  5. For us retired folk, Saturday mornings aren't really any different from any other day of the week! So glad you can enjoy some extra snuggles & giggles with the girls. Hope this Saturday is a slow paced one. Love ya, Mom

  6. Relaxing, doing what I want, meeting friends for breakfast, relaxing some more. Just being different from all the other days. I have to say, I miss the cuddling times and being silly on Saturday mornings.

  7. No wonder Saturday mornings are such favorites in your home, Michelle!

  8. This sounds lovely! I like to go out to breakfast, either with a friend or the newspaper. But this morning I taught a class.

  9. Saturday mornings rank right up there with Friday Pizza night! It won't be long when those Saturdays won't be so leisurely - your girls will have extracurricular activities. That is when the "next fun" starts! Enjoy!

  10. Michelle,
    I just love this. I remember Saturday mornings like this. It's a gift to have a little bit of time to choose to use the way we wish. No alarm clock. No rushing. Just time.

    I enjoyed the structure of your piece today.

  11. It's great that there is one place in the week where time is put on hold and you can savor those small, but so significant, moments. Loved the structure, may need to borrow it this month. :-)


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