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Summer Reading

I already shared some of my thoughts for summer reading . . . And then I saw this video: And then I immediately shared it with my colleagues and shared some suggestions to talk up summer reading in an email: Please talk with your students about the importance of keeping that reading brain awake all summer long! Here are just a few ideas that I will be sharing with my small groups (depending on grade level) - If you are interested, there are more ideas on my Summer Reading pinterest page too ( michellenero/summer-reading/ ): *Set a reading goal or sign an agreement: 276901077061924762/     *Try book tastings: 39336196715515493/    *Share book trailers to entice their reading brains:   http://mrschureads.blogspot. com/   (or use Google) *Share with students your book stack and have students create their own list of books they want to read.   *Talk about reading places and

sols: long weekends

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers An extra day.  A holiday.   A long weekend.  A break for the end-of-the-year craziness. And then I realized it's already Tuesday! Whenever a Monday holiday arrives, my husband and I seem to cram in as much stuff to do and accomplish.  This weekend was no different. Yard pruning Weed (Is that a weed?) pulling Flower planting Farmer's market selecting Little girls shoe shopping Around the block scootering Parade watching Candy wrappers Warm weather wishing Three year old pictures Let me say that again: Three year old pictures Exhausting - Look at the camera! Stressful - Sit still!  Smile pretty!  Stop that! Nerve wracking - Watch out for the lights! After an hour and a half I was done with only a hope that there are a couple pictures to savor. {Sorry Grammy and Grampy that we didn't get to chat or skype!  We owe y

sols: summer reading

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Summer reading. I can't wait.  I probably won't have the time to do a #bookaday. But I will read.   I will read more than I'm reading now. My reading life has slowed because my time is occupied with my three year olds, house work, and school work.  Soon the daily school work will be put on hold.  I'll still read a professional book or two. I'll still dig into the Common Core.  I'll still be learning for school.  But I'm looking forward to reading more books.  For me. I'm ready to go read.  I have a plan.  I have a stack of books.  I have a promise to myself to read every day. But what about my students? You see, I work with developing readers where reading isn't natural or easy or a pleasurable experience yet .  We are constantly on the search for the book that will hook them to want to read, or to choose to read be

sols: a nap

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers It was a rough start to Mother's day with the girls up with the sunshine beginning their three year old disagreements.  After some hugs and a bath, we were out the door for breakfast (yummy!) that mommy didn't have to cook. Quickly we hopped in the car and headed to church where our pastor provided an awesome prayer over all the mothers.  You know, I have to agree with him, the best thing you can do for a mother is to pray for her.  What a gift! I still need lots of prayers!  Prayers of patience, strength, understanding.  Did I mention patience? And then the second best gift of all -- my husband took the girls after lunch and try for a nap.  You see, I say try because over the course of the year, the naps on the weekend have dwindled or provided me with much frustration because they never nap, and instead, enjoy some loud jumpy play time in their bedroom.

sols: in a blink

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Blink. Blink. Blink. And now they are  three. My darling daughters  celebrated their third!?!  birthday last week with a family party on Saturday afternoon. Everything was ready. Decorations and balloons all Minnie Mouse theme. Snacks to nibble and time to converse, catch up, and chat. Family and friends began arriving with colorful presents waiting to be ripped opened. The girls couldn't wait any longer seeing the gifts pile up. Curious of what was hiding inside. A pink buggy for their baby dolls, new doggies, and Minnie Mouse. A rolling suitcase, more books, and clothes tossed on the side. Time to sing the birthday song, make a wish, and blow! Ice cream and cupcakes with frosting all over. More time to chat outside to enjoy the beautiful day playing with new toys up and down th