Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sols: long weekends

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An extra day.  A holiday.   A long weekend.  A break for the end-of-the-year craziness.

And then I realized it's already Tuesday!

Whenever a Monday holiday arrives, my husband and I seem to cram in as much stuff to do and accomplish.  This weekend was no different.

Yard pruning
Weed (Is that a weed?) pulling
Flower planting

Farmer's market selecting
Little girls shoe shopping
Around the block scootering

Parade watching
Candy wrappers
Warm weather wishing

Three year old pictures
Let me say that again:
Three year old pictures

Exhausting - Look at the camera!
Stressful - Sit still!  Smile pretty!  Stop that!
Nerve wracking - Watch out for the lights!

After an hour and a half
I was done
with only a hope that there are a couple pictures to savor.

{Sorry Grammy and Grampy that we didn't get to chat or skype!  We owe you!!}


  1. Whew. You made me tired just reading this.

  2. You had a full day and weekend. Full of life and fun and laughter. Your life is not boring. The pictures of the giggles, the imperfect smiles will be something to look back on and laugh about someday.

  3. Sounds like a busy day with many moments together as a family!

  4. All your gerunds gave this piece a lot of energy. Exhausting!

  5. Busy! It's a good thing there was an extra day. ;)

  6. Sometimes even long weekends aren't long enough to get everything accomplished. We'll forgive you for not Skyping because soon you'll be here in person!

  7. I hear a lot of living going on! :)

  8. Do I dare say life will only continue to get busier as the years add up? It sounds like you are enjoying every minute of this busy life.

  9. Phew! I'm tired reading this!

  10. I love this piece. I love your -ing phrases - scootering. :)

    My weekend was similar. Busy - but so, so fun. And, btw, I have no 3 year pics of my oldest daughter because we ended up leaving without any. She was not in a picture taking mood. I know how stressful that can be.

  11. With such a busy weekend you probably felt that there could have been one more day, just for resting.
    But in a long run, you will forget about the weed and shopping, and you will have beautiful pictures to make you smile.

  12. Your playful use of language to echo your meaning does not go unnoticed (like the repetition of "three year old pictures" as both a reminder of how fast time goes AND the fact that there are two three-year-olds). You are always so clever, even when exhausted!


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