Tuesday, May 14, 2013

sols: a nap

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It was a rough start to Mother's day with the girls up with the sunshine beginning their three year old disagreements.  After some hugs and a bath, we were out the door for breakfast (yummy!) that mommy didn't have to cook.

Quickly we hopped in the car and headed to church where our pastor provided an awesome prayer over all the mothers.  You know, I have to agree with him, the best thing you can do for a mother is to pray for her.  What a gift!

I still need lots of prayers!  Prayers of patience, strength, understanding.  Did I mention patience?

And then the second best gift of all -- my husband took the girls after lunch and try for a nap.  You see, I say try because over the course of the year, the naps on the weekend have dwindled or provided me with much frustration because they never nap, and instead, enjoy some loud jumpy play time in their bedroom.

This day, Daddy grabbed a pillow and blanket and took a nap with them on their bedroom floor.  Everyone was quiet.

Oh, what I could accomplish in the next two hours!  There were many items I'm my to-do list, but instead, I decided to take a nap too.

"There is a house
a napping house
where everyone 
is sleeping."

It was the best two hour nap in a long time.

Thank you God for the gift of prayers and naps.


  1. I'm so glad that you forgot the list and snoozed also. I'm so glad that you pastor prayed for all. I love the napping house too... xo

  2. The Napping House! We had such fun reading that book...even though very little napping took place in our house.

  3. Replies
    1. Are you ready for one too?!? Take care of yourself!

  4. Sounds of silence is golden when everyone can rest. Glad you participated with the family.

  5. We all need those naps, but especially mothers with little ones constantly begging for attention. Glad you could enjoy some snooze time too - that to do list will always be around. Love ya M

  6. Ah-h! Good for you Michelle-a really good Mother's Day gift!

  7. Of all the things I miss about my pre-motherhood life, naps is the thing I miss the most of all. So happy you enjoyed a nap.
    The quote from The Napping House really brought this piece together!

  8. I know we talked about this but I will say it again...good for you for throwing out the "to do list" and instead you took a nap!


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