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Picture Books I Love Right Now! #pb10for10


As we finish up our summer #cyberPD conversations, I'm quickly reminded that August is right around the corner and I need to start thinking about my picture book list to share. Ten books I love. Ten books I want to share. Ten books that I can't live without in my classroom. Ten books. I love coming up with lists of picture books I adore for various reasons. However, this year I came up with the most brilliant idea! (Well, at least I thought it was brilliant!) 

Here are the picture books I can't live without  ... because these are the LAST 10(+3)  picture books I most recently purchased! 

1.  If I Built a School 
by Chris Van Dusen

My daughters read If I Built a House and If I Built a Car over and over and over.
They couldn't wait to read this next book just published!

2.  How to Read a Book 
by Kwame Alexander

Just read it! And savor it.

3. The Pigeon HAS to Go To School!
by Mo Willems

A new pigeon book? Yes, please! And the Pigeon at school!
Oh, the kids are going to love reading this new silly book!

4.  We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

by Rafael Lopez

This is the theme for our new school year ... so I had to add this book to my collection. Beautiful!

5.  The Bad Seed and The Good Egg 
by  Jory John


These two books alone were good, but together they will bring so much laughter and conversations.

6.  The School Book ~ The Don't Worry Book ~ 
The Kindness Book (arriving in October!)
by Todd Parr

We are big Todd Parr fans and when I saw there was a new book available, I had to get it! However, that's when I noticed there were 3 books I didn't have ... The Kindness Book will be out in October.

7. Raise Your Hand
by Alice Paul Tapper

My girls are enjoying Girl Scouts and this book provided us some inspiration and ideas.

8. Just Read!
by Lori Degman

A great book to read at the beginning of the year ... anytime in the year and the end of the year! 

9.  The Best Part of Me
by Wendy Ewald

I love when students share the best parts of themselves. I recently learned there was a book that provided inspiration for the displays.

10.  Say Something
by Peter H. Reynolds

What more can I say? Peter Reynolds yet again inspires all of us!
I just purchased two more copies of this title as a beginning of the year gift for my girls teachers.
There is power in our words. 


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Learn more about #pb10for10 from 
Cathy at  Reflect and Refine and Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning


  1. Ohhhh ... you have added the most to my shopping cart so far! Do I say thank you??!!! I love song books - new obsession of mine. We’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands looks great. Happy Reading!

  2. When our children were younger, Todd Parr's books were daily staples. Thanks for reminding me of his books and sharing some new titles - I will need to add the Kindness one to my library! I also need to check in with a colleague about "The Best Part of Me" - she does the display, but not sure if she uses the book as well! Love your method for book selection and the short, personal anecdotes that accompany them!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm busy requesting many of these titles. I should've known a collection from you titled, "Books I Love Right Now" would be dangerous. Thank you for joining the conversation.

    You know I love stopping by your blog.

  4. Your post is my first stop and already my cart is full! As the one who will be introducing the possibilities of technology to 1,000 students I HAVE to have The Whole World in Our Hands! Isn’t that what tech brings to us?

  5. A picture book from Kwame! Must read! This is a great collection, Michelle, thanks.

  6. There are some you shared that I have on my list, but still haven't read, like Just Read. I adored How To Read A Book, & will add the others to my 'growing' list! I love the idea of 'The Best Part of Me'. That, I'm sure, will be beloved by all. Thank you!

  7. I loved so many on this list. My kids are chomping at the bit to get If I Built a School.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I haven't read Just Read! and I collect books about reading. Thank you so much for sharing these titles.

  10. So many of these titles are new to me! Can't wait to read We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands. Thank you for sharing!


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