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sols: project time

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Last Wednesday I enjoyed time together with four friends from my church small group.  We organized a "Pinterest Party" where we pinned possible craft project ideas onto a group board.  We each selected our project of choice , gathered the necessary materials, and met eager to get crafty. We chatted.  We laughed.  We crafted.  We snacked.  We sipped.   We enjoyed every minute together. It was time together I will treasure.  Just the girls.  And a final project too! Two days later, Daddy was working on his own project in the basement.  My three-and-a-half year old girls and I decided to plan our own "Pinterest Party" with another project . I glued popsicle sticks while they watched and

sols: and today

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers And today I needed my go-to easy-format quick-thinking in-the-moment writing idea. today: another day to make connections with students and inspire greatness want to be: ( secretly ) snuggled under the blanket to finish reading Allegiant blessings: my girls and the new (imposed) daycare opportunity beginning in the new year thinking: the chores will never be completed ... there. is. always . more. planning: to reclaim Christmas and honor the gift of a newborn baby writing:  my deep thoughts and questions to ponder in my notebook loving:  the glistening white lights and pops of red on the Christmas tree grateful:  for the warmth of my home during our first winter snowstorm and

sols: clothing concerns

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I woke up to the click of the light switch.  I thought to myself, "It is way too early."  Grabbing my glasses from my nightstand, I rolled over to face the clock, squinting at the fuzzy green glowing numbers. 5:24 AM.  "No," I whispered out loud.  I quickly threw the blankets off and climbed out of bed. I walked down the hall to see the girls' bedroom light glowing beneath the door.  I quietly opened it to see P. slip beneath her covers and close her eyes. I tiptoed over to her bed, noticing that M. was curled in a ball, still sleeping. "P., honey, it's too early to be up.  Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.  You need to go back to sleep for a little bit longer," I wh

sols: release

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I'm in need of a mind release just quickly writing what's weighing heavily on my mind, body, and soul. But so much is personal -- Between the struggles of being a giving and nurturing wife trying to be a patient mother wanting to be there as a friend striving to be a supportive colleague hoping to be an inspiring teacher. And because it's personal -- I am so good about keeping all that stuff bottled inside, where it's safe between only me and God.

sols: want to write

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I want to write but my brain is heavy with all that needs to be done. I want to write but those report card comments and graphs need to be completed. I want to write but the binders of running records and conferring notes need  to be analyzed. I want to write but the two chapters of our district book study needs  to be reviewed. I want to write but that big black bag that I drag home every night needs to be organized. I want to write but Twitter and Pinterest easily distract my need  to be connected. I want to write but the stack of books (waiting patiently) need  to be read. But, the truth is -- I need to be creating a Tuesday slice all because I want to write.

sols: a book to remember

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers In celebration of Picture Book Month , we are reading picture books.  Picture books to remember. I shared the title of a recently published book with our school librarian.  I shared it with our school social worker and psychologist.  I shared it with a teacher who mentioned she had a student crying every day at recess because she was feeling ignored. This is a picture book to remember. My second grade group of four boys spotted the new book on the whiteboard ledge first. "Oooo, can you read that book?  Pleeeease!" "I'm sorry, our time together is up.  It's time to go--" "C'mon!  Just read the first page!" "Ok! Ok!  I can't say no to that, especially because it is one of my newest favorite

sols: writing to learn

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Have you ever had a comment that made you stop and think?  Or a post that you can easily connect to? It happens quite often here in this writing community, but I rarely take the time to share my thoughts and reflections beyond my comments.  Today, I am.  I am writing to learn.  To learn more about me. I've thought a lot about Terje's comment: Also,  her SOL post   about learning about herself through her writing has me thinking too.  I can relate to her reflections: " Blogging and being part of SOL community has helped me to learn about myself.  Deciding what to write about and how to write has helped me to see what really matters in my life.  Sometimes people who comment see things in me that have gone unnoticed to myself or they bring o

sols: time

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I stare at this blank page. Not feeling anything to write. Even though I'm finally feeling about 94% healthy. Celebrating those that celebrate the BIG and little. Reflecting on those that take time to reflect (and reflect publicly). Wondering how I can do even more -- But I feel this sense of guilt. Guilt not writing.  Guilt not slicing. I can never give myself a break, a pass, an it's okay To not be-all, do-all, super-mom-and-teacher. I stare at this page now with words that hold more than one story. But only time will allow for more stories to be shared. When will that time come? Patience.  The time will come. And the writing, and the stories, and the captured moments will be there.