Tuesday, December 10, 2013

sols: and today

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And today
I needed my go-to
writing idea.

today: another day to make connections with students and inspire greatness
want to be: (secretly) snuggled under the blanket to finish reading Allegiant
blessings: my girls and the new (imposed) daycare opportunity beginning in the new year
thinking: the chores will never be completed ... there. is. always. more.
planning: to reclaim Christmas and honor the gift of a newborn baby
writing: my deep thoughts and questions to ponder in my notebook
loving: the glistening white lights and pops of red on the Christmas tree
grateful: for the warmth of my home during our first winter snowstorm

and today {again}: I'm thankful to be writing and connecting with a community of mothers, teachers, writers knowing I am not alone on this journey


{This go-to easy-format quick-thinking in-the-moment writing idea is compliments to Rachel Martin at finding joy and her idea of Sunday Stills.} 
"It's a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, 
and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday." 


  1. Michelle, lovely. I really like this format, especially when there is little time to write and our minds are tired. Each of your comments are meaningful. Stay warm. Hope all goes well with the search for daycare. Love ya bunches, Mom

  2. Michelle, thank you for leading me to Finding Joy. I can't wait to go back and read more. I have been thinking about my one little word and see much inspiration on her blog. Have a great week!

  3. This is a great go-to post. I love having them in my arsenal so that I always have something to write!
    I'll have to check out Finding Joy! Your Christmas tree is beautiful, by the way

  4. I love the thought of you reclaiming Christmas. Such an important thing to keep in perspective.

  5. Really enjoyed the enticement of this, Michelle. Such a good piece of reflection that covers every important thing. Thank you!

  6. love it...need to try it...your tree is beautiful Michelle....thanks for always sharing your great ideas with everyone. xo

  7. Love this idea --I look forward to trying it. Remember … it is a journey

  8. Love the format and idea! I, too, am grateful to be connected to this writing community!

  9. The format feels like a deep, calming breath. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I really enjoyed your writing and I look forward to giving that format a try. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  11. This writing is truly asking you to be present, to take a look inside you. Many things on your list resonate with me. Lovely picture.


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