Tuesday, June 25, 2013

sols: a day off

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One day last week, during the family trip to my parents, my mom gave me the "day off."  

"Go get your haircut.  Do something for you.  Read at the library.  I know there's not much here to do, but don't come back until later."

I didn't even have to think about it.

She made me an 8:30 am hair therapy appointment and I was out the door by 8:25 am (forgetting all about the 15 minute "commute" into town!).  

I was able to sit and chat and read and think WITHOUT any interruptions -- "Mommy, I want . . . What's this?  Mommy.  Mommy?  Mommy!" -- for over three hours.  And I walked out with blonde highlights and a (little too) short 'do.

I grabbed lunch, sat in the sunshine, and started to eat every bite just as fast as I normally do.  Realizing I had time to chew AND swallow, I slowed my pace to enjoy the warmth of the sun beginning to redden my pale skin.

After lunch, I headed into the library.  In this beautiful library, I found a quiet study room, sat back and began to read.  I read, I tweeted, I noted, and read some more for over two hours -- again without interruption.

I needed to head back out into the daylight and warmth, but decided to make one more stop before heading home.  My toes were itching for some pampering.  (I guess you could say, I was pampered from my head to my toes!)  Ah, another hour of me time and walked away with some pretty pink toes.

Refreshed and ready to see my girls, wondering how their day was with Grammy and Grampy, I headed for home.  

I quietly walked in the door, overhearing their conversation with Grammy.  They were matching up foam letters that I found in my classroom.   Once they realized I was there I was greeted with screaming and big hugs.  

And then it began.  

The whining. The complaining. The crying,  The snatching.   The "That was mine!"  The chasing. 

They saved it all day long for me.

Thanks for the "day off" Grammy and Grampy.  I needed it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sols: road trip

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A planned road trip can be fun.

A planned road trip with three year olds . . . can be quite amusing, very entertaining, and also fun!

It's a long 575 miles from Illinois to Arkansas.

Not once did we hear (use your best whiny voice), "Are we there yet?"

However, we did hear:

"I dropped my book."

"I want to watch Nemo."

"Can I have another book?"

"Look at that over there."

"What's that over there?"

"Where's the Jeep?"

"I saw a horse."

And interspersed were many sleepy moments of peace and quiet and staring out the window as the low fields of Illinois passed us by, and the beautiful countryside of Missouri, and the rolling hills of Arkansas.

These three year olds? They did an AMAZING job traveling.  Only a couple times did we hear the desperate plea:  "I want to get out!!!"  It's hard to sit for so long, strapped in a seat, not able to move around.  We wanted to get out too!

We almost made it through those rolling hills without incidence.  The final little stretch before we made it to the Norfork Bridge and M's tummy just couldn't take it.  A five minute side-trip on the side of the road to clean up, but we made it to Grammy and Grampy's house soon after.

The family trip started with an easy, yet long journey and finished with Grampy and Max waiting for us with a quick dinner and one birthday cake saved for us by "The Hero."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sols: today

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It's a Slice of Life kinda day.  I have so many stories to share, yet so little time with the beginning of summer arriving.  So, here's a sliver of a slice:

today: i'm thinking about my Dad on his birthday! 
want to be:  relaxing on the porch just reading in the peace and quiet one last day before the girls are all mine all day . . .
blessings:  my faithful God, my husband, my girls, my family, my friends
thinking:  about the library visit planned for this evening and hoping students will show up to celebrate {summer} reading!
planning:  for our road trip to Arkansas in the next couple days and lots of packing.
writing:  very little these days, but squeezing in a slice!
loving:  my girls who will never be just three again - trying to slow down, laugh more and enjoy their little antics of happy, sad, whiny, laughing right now.
grateful: for my colleagues that I learn with even when school is out!

today {again}:  i'm trying to scratch off the items on my to-do list before our first day of summer together tomorrow. 

check.  slice of life.   comments later after our library night.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sols: STBD

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And so it's almost midnight (central time zone) and this is the first slice I have ever written down to the last minutes on a Tuesday.

These last few days of school have been exhausting, busy, stressful.  You fill in the blank.  Trying to wrap up this year. Thinking about next year.

But I still had that itch.  All day long.
I just never had a moment to --
Sit and ponder.
Type and tap away.
Think and share.
Tell my story.
That itch would not go away.

When I whimpered to my husband that this was the first Tuesday in maybe two years that I didn't write a slice, he suggested:

STBD:  Slice To Be Determined.

There you have it.  A slice to be determined.  An itch relieved with a scratch.