Tuesday, June 25, 2013

sols: a day off

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One day last week, during the family trip to my parents, my mom gave me the "day off."  

"Go get your haircut.  Do something for you.  Read at the library.  I know there's not much here to do, but don't come back until later."

I didn't even have to think about it.

She made me an 8:30 am hair therapy appointment and I was out the door by 8:25 am (forgetting all about the 15 minute "commute" into town!).  

I was able to sit and chat and read and think WITHOUT any interruptions -- "Mommy, I want . . . What's this?  Mommy.  Mommy?  Mommy!" -- for over three hours.  And I walked out with blonde highlights and a (little too) short 'do.

I grabbed lunch, sat in the sunshine, and started to eat every bite just as fast as I normally do.  Realizing I had time to chew AND swallow, I slowed my pace to enjoy the warmth of the sun beginning to redden my pale skin.

After lunch, I headed into the library.  In this beautiful library, I found a quiet study room, sat back and began to read.  I read, I tweeted, I noted, and read some more for over two hours -- again without interruption.

I needed to head back out into the daylight and warmth, but decided to make one more stop before heading home.  My toes were itching for some pampering.  (I guess you could say, I was pampered from my head to my toes!)  Ah, another hour of me time and walked away with some pretty pink toes.

Refreshed and ready to see my girls, wondering how their day was with Grammy and Grampy, I headed for home.  

I quietly walked in the door, overhearing their conversation with Grammy.  They were matching up foam letters that I found in my classroom.   Once they realized I was there I was greeted with screaming and big hugs.  

And then it began.  

The whining. The complaining. The crying,  The snatching.   The "That was mine!"  The chasing. 

They saved it all day long for me.

Thanks for the "day off" Grammy and Grampy.  I needed it!


  1. So glad you were able to have a little quiet time to yourself!!! My outlook calendar alarm just reminded me I have the next 3 days away from the hussle and bussle of work. See you all tomorrow!!! P.S. Don't forget me at the airport :)

  2. What a precious gift of time your mom gave you, but also precious time spent with her favorite three year olds. It sounds like the day was just what you needed. Thanks for the heads up on shorter hair, I'll be looking for you tomorrow. :-)

  3. What a wonderful day of head to toe me time....and yet...they did.. as they always will....let you know they miss you and love you with "whines" and "complaints"...

  4. Sounds like a heavenly day. I chuckled at the end because my grandkids do the same thing to their parents. Not a whine or a complaint all day and then as soon as parents come...Bam. It starts. I think they just want to show that they miss you :)

  5. Gifts all around, Michelle, for you and for your parents! I am guessing they had a busy, although not so relaxing, day! And how nice for you to have some personal time, from 'head to toe'! Have fun with Elsie!

  6. What a nice break! The salon near me has a "quiet room" that just has large chairs, dark lighting, and silence...it's the most popular room in the whole place :). No one appreciates alone time like parents!

  7. Oh I just knew your mom would give you this special day! It makes me appreciate when I "pamper" myself and can keep that "good" feeling all day. Safe travels home!

  8. Ahhhh... a day off! Savor the quiet you enjoyed and bring them back to your mind when the whining starts in. Just think, in 10 years, they will be teens who don't want to talk with you. :) It's too quiet here sometimes! LOL

  9. What a wonderful day you all had! I'm sure your parents and daughters enjoyed their day together as you enjoyed your day away. Being a Mommy is hard sometimes. A "day off" is just we need to recharge our batteries sometimes. Glad you had the time to yourself.

  10. So glad that we could give you at least one day off to pamper and rejuvenate. We enjoyed every minute and there really was no whining or crying. Being a Mom is tough and even more so when there are two!

  11. Sometimes the best gift is time. You got some time for yourself. The grandparents got some time with their grandchildren. I read your mom's slice and it is clear how much she loves to be with your girls.

  12. When Em came in from Ecuador...she went for highlights and peace. It was her birthday present, so she could feel like "herself" again. I know that she totally enjoyed that time, but as soon as she got home we got the bad news that Grandma was in the hospital (Dave's mom). The whole vacation turned in that moment. I really wished that she could have had more of those moments, or that I was closer. I can't believe that you live so close and I'm so glad that you get to meet sweet LC. xo nanc

  13. Grandmas are the best. My mother used to do things like this for me...and I promise to do the same for my children when the time comes. When you've had some respite from the demands of little ones, you can
    Return to the mayhem refreshed and renewed (until the next break!).

  14. What a treat that me time is! Of course they saved up their complaining for you who loves them best! Here's to a peace treaty and pedicures for everyone!

  15. Aren't those days off so appreciated?! It sounds like a delightful day. I always enjoy the stories when you visit "Grammy and Grampy." They sound like amazing people and I find myself wanting to meet them. Enjoy!


  16. Isn't it interesting how kids save their worst behavior for Mom and Dad? I was always amazed at conferences when teachers would talk about my kids and I would wonder whose kids they were talking about because it sure didn't sound like mine. However, I was always glad that they were better in public than they were for me.
    Pampered from your head to your toes and time at the library as a bonus! What a fun day!
    Enjoy your visit with Elsie! She may have the record for meeting the most slicers in person (except for Ruth).


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