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soLs: the element

#cyberPD: Opening Minds - Part 3

"I want my children and  their children in a class like this." Johnston (p. 82)
The last three chapters of Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives by Peter H. Johnston (Stenhouse, 2012) were powerful, meaningful, and significant to the future of American education, especially in light of the tragic events in Colorado.  This is why we teach -- to reach our students on many different levels, going beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.  It is essential that we integrate and dedicate lots of time and modeling to create thinkers, triers, questioners, wonderers, talkers, listeners, and then doers.  
"Making meaning is good. Doing meaningful things is better" (p.124).

My Thoughts and Reflections "I'm REALLY not good at this yet." 
I am really stuck in this rut.  This "good job" rut.  Over and over this last week I caught myself saying it.  It was out of my mouth before I could even think about something else to say.  Then I tried to "fix i…

An Aha Tech Moment

I love those discoveries that just happen.  I wasn't planning it.  I wasn't searching for it.  It just happened.  So, here's what I discovered:

I enjoy reading the Tuesday Slice of Life Stories hosted by Ruth and Stacey @ the Two Writing Teachers blog.

However, I dislike the back and forth and uneasiness of reading a slice then trying feverishly to return back to the Two Writing Teachers blog to read more.

Click. Click. Send. Click. Ugh! Click. Grrrr.

This is especially difficult when trying to read many slices during the March Slice of Life challenge.

But, guess what?  I've discovered the quick and easy way back! Maybe you already knew this.  Maybe you found another way.  But I know my mom and I talked about this frustration and so this post is really for her.  :)

So, Mom.  Go to the Two Writing Teachers blog.  Select a slice to read and leave a thoughtful comment.  (Go ahead, I'll give you a minute or two.)

Now, click on the left back arrow and HOLD.

All the p…

soLs: i'm reading

#cyberPD: Opening Minds - Part 2

"I didn't want to know everything that was already known;  I wanted to leave room for possibilities."  - Thoughts from Naomi, the main character  from Sharon Creech's new novel The Great Unexpected

I'm so thankful to be participating with so many reflective teachers that push my thinking.  It's amazing all the bits and pieces and quotes that I missed during my first reading of the book Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives by Peter H. Johnston (Stenhouse, 2012). It's awesome to read what others highlighted or picked-up from the reading that continues to make my brain grow!  And if you noticed, I did say my first reading -- so this is my proclamation that I will be rereading this book over and over again.

My Thoughts and Reflections I'm STILL going to take Johnston's words to heart:  "I'm not good at this yet." 
There is SO much to think about in these three chapters.  My brain is currently swimming. (I think that's a good thi…

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#cyberPD: Opening Minds - Part 1

Pat Johnson wrote about sharing on her blog, Catching Readers Before They Fall. Teaching is also about sharing. I'm excited about sharing and learning with colleagues in my virtual teacher's lounge.  I'm glad to be sitting next to you -- sharing and joining in the #cyberPD learning again this summer.  I've had this summer's discussion book in my TBR pile since it was published earlier this year.  An opportunity to read a book and learn with others?  Priceless.  We will be discussing Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives by Peter H. Johnston (Stenhouse, 2012).  I hope you join in the conversations!

My Thoughts and Reflections
I'm going to take Johnston's words to heart:

"I'm not good at this yet." 

It's amazing what words can do - and how often do I slow down to think about the words I use?   I think I'm careful in what I say and how I say it, but little did I know the impact and power my words have on my students and even my own…