Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Aha Tech Moment

I love those discoveries that just happen.  I wasn't planning it.  I wasn't searching for it.  It just happened.  So, here's what I discovered:

I enjoy reading the Tuesday Slice of Life Stories hosted by Ruth and Stacey @ the Two Writing Teachers blog.

However, I dislike the back and forth and uneasiness of reading a slice then trying feverishly to return back to the Two Writing Teachers blog to read more.

Click. Click. Send. Click. Ugh! Click. Grrrr.

This is especially difficult when trying to read many slices during the March Slice of Life challenge.

But, guess what?  I've discovered the quick and easy way back! Maybe you already knew this.  Maybe you found another way.  But I know my mom and I talked about this frustration and so this post is really for her.  :)

So, Mom.  Go to the Two Writing Teachers blog.  Select a slice to read and leave a thoughtful comment.  (Go ahead, I'll give you a minute or two.)

Now, click on the left back arrow and HOLD.

All the previous sites appear and you can easily select and go right back to The Two Writing Teachers blog.

Did it work?  I found that it works in Safari and Firefox.

A little tech aha that I had to share!


  1. A very useful tool! Glad you found out about this little trick. Sometimes I wonder hy there are so many entries per each site. Questions of technology I don't really need to know the answer to.
    Thanks for noticing I was missing for a few weeks. I missed my Tuesday fix of learning of everyone's life.

  2. Thank you! I usually just keep their blog up & return to it on another page. But this is much easier. Hurrah!

  3. Yep, it worked. Thanks for your "techie" help. I love AHA moments!

  4. Bless your heart for sharing! Success! I am so happy to solve that little frustration with your help.

  5. Truly, I wish I had known you were having this trouble, I would have helped you! But it seems like a good thing you shared this tip!

  6. Jiminy Cricket - I've got to try it, thanks.

  7. So excited :) I just tried it out in Chrome and it worked there as well. I had been copying the link to paste each time I wanted to go back. This will be so much easier! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the fun voice with the shift of audience to your mom.

  8. Duh! Thank you! I knew that existed, but have never used it for this! Instead, I have always - like for four years - done the "Click, click, comment, Grrr, click, Grr..." method! :) Thanks for a great reminder! :)

  9. Thanks Michelle... you are always thinking girlfriend.. now can you come up with the fix when we have trouble leaving a comment on our laptops! :-)))

  10. wow...you have just revolutionized my ability to comment...thank you so much xo nanc

  11. Wow Michelle,
    What a great thing to share! I agree, it was very frustrating to click back and find the main page to get back to sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing this link back short cut! It will be so very easy now!

  12. The power of patience - the HOLD makes all the difference. I needed this! Thanks so much!


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