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soLs: ups and downs

Slice of Life Stories hosted

i wasn't going to do it
i wasn't going to write
i don't feel like writing

today's a celebration
an annual gathering
at our house

food and fireworks
talking and sweating
snacking and fun

and i'm stressed out,
not about the party
but about being a mom

i don't know if it's the "terrible twos"
or if it was the vacation
with less structured time and rules

but being a mom is tough
we were all in tears
yet today i'm suppose to be happy

i wasn't going to do it
i wasn't going to write
i don't feel like writing

but maybe i'm feeling a little better --
and i know you'll say the right thing
to cheer me up and remind me why i love being a mom.

as always
thanks a million
for listening.


  1. Being a mom is tough. I was not feeling good this weekend but you never stop taking care of your little ones to really take care of yourself as you should. I have only been a mom for 7 weeks but I look up to you moms who have come before me and I think how strong you are and how much I can learn from you.
    Hang I there- you are doing great.

  2. I think I must just say "ar-rgh!" Some days with little ones are definitely better than other ones. You are a good mom & remember that even the little ones sometimes aren't having a good day, & sad to say, they cannot tell us why. My mother told me that my grandmother ( her mother & raising five kids) always took a long walk after dinner-ALONE! It was her one time to be herself, no questions, no one to do something for, just walking through the neighborhood. I would imagine it kept her on some kind of even keel for all those crazy times when kids just aren't happy, & make parents grit their teeth. Best wishes, Michelle!

  3. I know everyone says it but I really think it's true...being a parent is the hardest thing we can ever do. (hey, look! I rhyme too!) I look forward to summers at home with my kids more than just about anything. I often feel a twinge of jealousy as I hear a few of my friends talk about being stay-at-home moms. Those are the times when things are going well and in my head I think how wonderful it would be to be home with my kids all the time. Oh the things we could do! HOWEVER, there are certainly times when being a parent is a tough road to travel! During those times I try to remember that it won't last very long...both the rough patch and their childhood. It usually helps me appreciate even the hard stuff because I know it won't always be that way and I know how lucky I am to even experience the hard stuff when others cannot. That being said, how about a bath? a glass of wine? a walk alone? a bike ride? a good book? some of each? Things will be better tomorrow and to quote a newly read book, "all will be well."

  4. Being a mom is tough, but there are always better times just around the corner. One day we might feel like nothing is going well, but then the kids say something funny and you can't avoid smiling. Here is wishing you a great time with friends and family tonight!

  5. Summer time with little ones has it's ups and downs. I learned to just let each day be...a not so perfect day would inevitably end, which made me just so much more aware of the good days...and those are the ones you'll remember best, anyway.

  6. Being a parent of one two year old is difficult enough, but add another one to the mix is sometimes overwhelming. And then throw in a party (even though you only host it) is harder yet. Time to tell hubby you need a few hours/evening off - all by yourself to do what you want - A walk, a trip leisurely thru the library, doing nothing, a talk with God. Tomorrow will be better and a new schedule will be developed. A deep breathe for tonight - enjoy the fireworks and friends who come to visit. Lots of hugs being sent your way. Love ya M

  7. Being a mom is hard, hard, hard work! And I can't even imagine have two busy two-year-olds around! And then trying to throw a party besides- YIKES! I also think being a mom in the summer, when I am around my guys all the time is harder than during the school year, when I get to talk to adults, etc. Last week or the week before I wrote my slice about "running away" to the movies! That helps me regroup! Hang in there!

  8. Wow, I can so identify with the being a mom thing. I made Kam start saying 5 things he was thankful for before he went to bed. He was crying a lot. I do think it had to do with the change of normal routine! Plus, I am sure that you are all missing your parents! I am glad you sliced and felt better! Thinking of you!

  9. I'm glad you took the time to write, even when you didn't want to. You did it. I liked the poem and the lowercase letters. The structure and the repetition seemed effortless while still being very intentional.

    We've all had those days. You just have to remember there's always tomorrow (and the next day and the next day, etc.). We get to try again, just like we do when we're teaching, with our kids day after day.

  10. Luckily there are good days too. I read something in a book once that has helped me a lot. It said kids are constantly learning new thing and each thing is like a block in a pyramid. Every six months they have to completely tear down the pyramid to accommodate the new blocks and start over. This happens around their birthday and half birthday. So hang in there. It always gets better. :-)

  11. Being a mom is the hardest(always) and most challenging (always) and most wonderful (always) job a mom can do. If you hang on through the hard days (there will always be some) then you can REALLY appreciate the wonderful days even more!

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  13. Hang in there Michelle! Not every days an easy day especially when you have two constantly calling for you. You are one of the best moms out there! Take a little well deserved Michelle time. I am only a phone call away (and maybe a 25 minute drive)! I'd be happy to take them for an hour or two or even a whole day. Thanks for a wonderful evening... Hope you were able to relax and enjoy yourself!

  14. Michelle,
    I don't know how you moms do it. You all amaze me. I watch my sisters and think constantly, "EXHAUSTING". You hardly get time to yourselves (what's that, right?) and give give give to your families nonstop. Moms amaze me. It sounds like the toughest job in the world. And I'm quite jealous of all of you ladies that have the honor of that job. Here's hoping today brings rest, happiness, and back-to-the-routine into your home.

  15. You are not alone, sister! Take a deep breath and know that you are doing the best job possible. Writing helps, doesn't it?


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