Tuesday, July 10, 2012

soLs: a happy mom

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Deep breath.

Last week, I was struggling and feeling frustrated.  Feeling like I was doing it all wrong.

Quiet time.

I realize that we all have bad days, or even moments.  Two year olds are no exception.

Count to ten.

There were tears.  And a little writing.  And positive vibes and words of reassurance.

A little time
+ a reminder that I'm not alone
+ some time to myself
+ seeing others enjoy and delight in my two little ones
+ watching the girls just play
+ staying up late to watch fireworks
+ returning back to a schedule
+ Daddy being home for a bonus five days

= a happy mom

And a happy mom is a happy home . . . for everyone.

Thank you to last week's fourteen caring commenters.  You made my day -- and that's why I chose to write last week.  I knew you'd be there to uplift me, to remind me, to tell me it's okay.  Thank you Mandy, Dana, Jen, Anita, Peg, Stacey, Amy, Carol, Mom, Tara, Jaana, Robin, Linda, and SnowFlakes6 - a new mom!  Thank you.


  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better this week. It's nice to take a time-out! I loved your list and its mathematical-ness.


  2. Glad things are going better this week! Mothering is, without a doubt, the absolute hardest job I have EVER done!

  3. Even two years olds need to get back into a routine, be in their own bed and surroundings, and play with "all" of their toys. I know there will still be those "moments" for everyone, but they will pass and it will be a good day. Glad you & the girls are back in the swing of things. Keep enjoying those moments (and continue to take time for yourself). Love ya, M

  4. Yay! We all have those weeks, glad you are feeling better this week. Loved your happy mom comment. Last week I was on vacation with my aunt and uncle and my uncle told me the phrase he lives life by is, "A happy wife is a happy life." :) Loved it.

  5. Like Judy above, I think traveling is tough with the little ones. I know you had fun, but it's always nice to be home & in the 'home zone' (a friend's term). Thanks for the sharing, Michelle.

  6. Glad all is well this week. I went back and read your slice from last week---it is tough traveling and being on "vacation" with any age kid. We had all the grandkids (and moms and dads) last week. I'm sure they were all happy to get home and back to routines too!

  7. You made it!!! And those plus signs instead of plain old bullets or numbers says it all - you found wonderful moments to treasure even when the going was tough. Good for you!

  8. Glad you are feeling back to routine this week and things feel better!

  9. I missed last week's post - rats, I could have brought Chip for a visit! :) (Chip will have to be next week's post!)

    Anyways... SO glad this week is better at your house. Parenting is definitely a roller coaster. We're all here for ya!

  10. Take those first three reminders and post them on your refrigerator - they are the best reminders of all. Glad you are home - in more ways than one.

  11. I also missed last week's post. I am glad that you are feeling better now. I smiled when I read the first lines though because I have been having some of my own frustrations with my 6 year old, resulted in us both being very frustrated. I have been trying to talk to her about staying calm when she is upset. It is still very much a work in progress though. Just as you reflected on, your post also helped me to remember that I am not alone in those ups and downs that come along with motherhood!

  12. I am glad you are feeling better this week. Just as words were a comfort to you last week, I found comfort in your words. It's good to know that others have rough patches too, just like me! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Glad you're happy now! All moms have been where you were, and where you are now. Perhaps we are too hard on ourselves and expect too much perfection. If that's the case, in that also, you are not alone!

  14. Glad things seem to be back on track! Enjoy the rest of the summer home with the girls... Time flies when your having fun! Don't forget to take a little "Michelle" time too.

  15. Michelle,
    Glad things are better this week. You're right, a happy mom does = a happy home! We definitely play a role in the equation! Keep on writing! You inspire me daily!

  16. You know I "checked" on you this week because your piece was so clearly evidence of trying to find yourself through your writing. It is VERY hard to keep it all in balance when you are a mom....at any stage of parenting....BUT it does get easier...even though it gets harder before it gets easier...:)

  17. We're all here for you Michelle! (We may be far away, but we're here to support you thought those rocky times.)
    Cheers: to a better week ahead!

  18. Sorry I missed your post last week. Here is a belated hug. You are not alone.
    I need your advice.
    Deep breath
    Quiet time
    Count to ten
    Thank you for being honest.


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