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soLs: access denied

soLs: and so it begins . . .

soLs: think positively

Picture Books: August 10 for 10

Ten picture books  I can't live without  in my classroom.
I read a lot.  Not as much as some, but more than others.   A good chunk of my reading consists of picture books.  (Check out my Goodreads account!)   For one, I adore picture books.  The illustrations in combination with the words and the message -- whether simple or complex, pulls me in as a reader.  Also, I don't have a lot of free or extra time, so squeezing in a picture book here or there, or sharing one with my two little ones is feasible.  In my classroom, I utilize more picture books to enhance my reading and writing mini-lessons or just to share my pure love of reading.  I notice the more I share a picture book, the more I learn and the more I fall in love.  Maybe every picture book deserves a second and third read.  I wonder if there is a nugget waiting in the stack of books I currently have checked out from the library.
I've been keeping a mental list of books - of course, more than the elite ten I must cho…

soLs: so, when DO you go back?

#cyberPD: Opening Minds - Final Thoughts

'"It's OK for things to be hard.  That's when we learn.  We show we believe in ourselves by saying things like 
'I don't get it yet.'"
Johnston p.115

My first goal is take time to reread Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives by Peter H. Johnston (Stenhouse, 2012).  I know I got the BIG ideas, but I'm sure there are so many little ideas that I need to decipher and connect to at home and in my classroom.  I was feeling very guilty about my language choices and feeling immense pressure to make big changes.  Learning from the other #cyberPD participants through reflective blog posts, forward thinking comments, and the fast Twitter chat (including Mr. Peter Johnston himself!) relieved my stress.
I'm REALLY not good at this yet, but I'm also not alone! 
As I was thinking about this post over the last couple days, I was bombarded by quotes shared from colleagues via Twitter (and other daily reading and browsing) consistently reminding me what…