Tuesday, August 28, 2012

soLs: access denied

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This morning I had nothing.  Oh, I had plenty to write about, but nothing that I wanted to write about -- so I waited for the day to bring a story to me that I'd want to share.

Lunchtime rolled around and no ideas were saying, "Pick me!  Write me!  I'm here!"  So, I decided to sit and ponder as I nibbled my pb and j sandwich.  I looked around my classroom noticing that it wasn't looking all neat and tidy like that first day of school and started to type:

And we're off!  School started last Monday with teachers and students arrived ready to go on Wednesday. 
Why is it that once I step foot into school, I'm already feeling behind?
Why is it that I already have a pile starting to grow on my desk and counter?
Why is it that my to-do list is growing exponentially by the day?
Why is it that everything takes so much longer than anticipated? 
This is why teachers feel the nudge push shove to move so quickly through everything.  This is my personal reminder to take a breath.  Enjoy.  Be there.  Smile.  Laugh.  Create new memories and learning. 

I made a few more additions and changes, clicked save, and my blogger site disappeared. I waited and then the dreaded district "access denied" screen appeared due to personal blog content.

"What the . . .?  Access denied?  No!"  I questioned aloud.  I ran down the hall to our tech teacher (a fellow slicer as well) and wondered what we were going to do.  After all, my Tuesday lunches are for reading and commenting.  This can't be . . .

But it sure looks like it is true.

Access denied.


  1. Your personal reminder to yourself is so important. We all need to remember to slow down and savor.

  2. oops! I think we are too spoiled most of the time, & then when it happens, yikes! I'm glad to hear from you & hope the frantic life slows down a little. We are all on that roller coaster I think. What to do, what to do? Thanks for sharing anyway, Michelle.

  3. Boy you hit the nail on the head with your list of feelings. And I know the frustration of access denied. We are denied everything at our school. Hence the late night slices! Remember to take time for you and those sweet babies, the piles will wait.

  4. Oh how those two words can change your day. On the bright side, it did give you the slice you needed today. :-)

  5. I could have written this--I began working on my slice, figured I would finish at school during creative writing and then, the internet went out (not access denied, thank goodness)

    Can they unblock the site just for you. Our tech people will do that for us if we make a good case!

  6. A reminder to breath is great!
    Hope you get that access issues worked out soon.

  7. Our school's tech people have blocked ALL blogs for now....obviously they have not tried it!

  8. Glad you were finally able to post (I was starting to wonder what was going on). Sometimes it feels like the faster we go, the more behind we get. Step back, take a deep breath and start again. As for the access denied - it seems most placed are tightening up. Good luck in getting your access back.

  9. Michelle here it is 6:45 am at school and I seem to be able to post a comment..well at least type one..the big question will I be able to publish! So here goes...keeping fingers and toes and anything else crossed...

  10. Others have already mentioned it, but I love your personal reminder. It is just what I needed to hear and think about as well to keep myself in the right frame of mind amidst all the to-dos.

    At our school we can request to have certain sites unblocked. I guess in order to slice and read slices you would kind of need all blog sites open, so maybe they would not be able to do that. It's worth a try though.

  11. Michelle,
    Thanks for this post! You always seem to capture the thinking and feelings of what's happening just at the right time! I had a blocked site too-wonderopolis is blocked because of the videos being from you tube...so frustrating! Hope you are able to get blogger unblocked!

  12. It feels like you collected questions from my head. I thought I was the only one behind as soon as school started. Today is Saturday so I am taking it slow and doing things I like. School isn't completely off my mind but I force myself to ignore it. I hope that you are playing with your girls.
    I don't understand why your blog was blocked. I hope that this issue goes away.


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