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sols: weight of words

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Words can be heavy like the weight of  GOLD . Looking back at my last few Slice of Life posts, I can see I'm out of my writing rhythm and routine.  I used to have notes scribbled and ideas flowing, all ready to write on Monday evenings. Then school started in late August and ever since I'm left with late Tuesday night posts scrambled with whatever energy I can muster from the busy days. I write because it is important for me to write and to participate in the Slice of Life.  I write because of the connections and the importance of being a writer. But, as of late, my words have felt  e    m    p    t    y . I'm tired.  Some good tired, like stretching my thinking at school, family time, and a wedding.  Some bad tired, lik

sols: whirlwind

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I don't have the energy to write. It was a whirlwind of a week. The girls were sick. Interrupted sleep.  Late nights. Sick days.  Doctor visits. Hoping and praying for health. For a wedding is on Saturday. Day by day.  Slowly improving. All dressed up.  Ready or not.   A beautiful day for a wedding. Dancing to celebrate.  Late into the night. Sleep in Sunday. Thankful for a rainy day.   Time needed to recuperate.  It was a whirlwind of a week. I don't have the energy to write  any more today. But it was an amazing day.

sols: part of life

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Last Friday night I was able to catch up on some blog reading.  (I know, exciting Friday night, right?)  I read Amy's poetry slice  about savoring those little moments like rocking a child to sleep.  I commented that I treasured those moments too, except they usually happen now when one of my girls were sick. Then early Saturday morning, one of my girls was sick with a fever. Saturday night, sick girl.  Rocked to comfort us both. Sunday morning, same girl.  Horrible barky cough. Sunday afternoon, other girl.  Missed going to Sunday School. Monday morning, sick girl.  Doctor said it was croup. Monday evening, other girl.  Missed her sister at school. Tuesday morning, still sick.  Cough still there, but fever subsided. Tuesday evening, kissed the ot

sols: book love

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers My reading teaching colleague (and friend!) and I started something new this year.  And we are super excited!! We are known for our antics on our school morning broadcast.  We love to go in front of the camera and read books, talk about reading, and celebrate our love of dramatic fashion, of course! We become quite the celebrities around school the days we show up on the news. Last week we started "Book Talk Tuesdays" on the broadcast.  We introduced our plans for the year and read a little It's a Book by Lane Smith . We have promised to share reading "tips and treasures," according to  Lynn , our LRC and morning broadcast director. Today we arrived in our "READ" and "Very hungry for a good book" t-