Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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My reading teaching colleague (and friend!) and I started something new this year.  And we are super excited!!

We are known for our antics on our school morning broadcast.  We love to go in front of the camera and read books, talk about reading, and celebrate our love of reading...in dramatic fashion, of course!

We become quite the celebrities around school the days we show up on the news.

Last week we started "Book Talk Tuesdays" on the broadcast.  We introduced our plans for the year and read a little It's a Book by Lane Smith.

We have promised to share reading "tips and treasures," according to Lynn, our LRC and morning broadcast director.

Today we arrived in our "READ" and "Very hungry for a good book" t-shirts.   One student even commented that we must be going on the broadcast because of our attire.  (Good observation!)

Chris and I have become very comfortable with each other on the broadcast.  We have learned over the years to relax and have fun with it!  (Hey, I don't have to watch myself!)

We started (or continued in some classrooms) the conversation about selecting good fit books.  We dug out different shoes, cleats, and boots.  We talked about selecting good fit books just like we pick good fit shoes following the suggestions from the 2 Sisters"I PICK" strategy.

Our future plans for sharing "tips and treasures" for "Book Talk Tuesdays":
  • Advertising book trailers and book releases
  • Presenting new books in our library
  • Sharing various genres and text types
  • Discovering those shiny stickers and awards:  Newbery, Caldecott, and the Illinois awards Monarch, Blue Stem, Rebecca Caudill
  • Interviewing guest readers (students and teachers) for book talks
  • Asking staff members to provide additional suggestions as they reflect on the needs in their classrooms
We are always excited about the opportunity to share our LOVE of reading and books to encourage MORE reading.

What other ideas or topics would you suggest for 
Book Talk Tuesdays?


  1. I love this idea! I read a post somewhere where they actually had line in their plans for their book talks! Makes it more purposeful which is what I need!

  2. I love the idea of school wide broadcasts that celebrate books and reading. I think you should share one of the Book Talk Tuesday broadcasts in a future slice. Such a fun way to share your love of reading with a larger audience!

  3. What a great way to spread the word! So many books and so few Tuesdays. Using the voices of students will be powerful. Love this idea!

  4. I'm sure the kids (and teachers too) love this idea. This will reach those kids who aren't readers and will encourage them to find just the right books. I agree with Ramona - you should share one of your broadcasts! Love ya M

  5. What a super great thing you have started.I think your students will give you way more ideas than you expect. I am a champion for reading in my class. Maybe I should find a colleague and go out of my classroom.

  6. What a fun way to model reading and engaging students in your passion for reading. I like the idea of using kids as guest readers. MHG

  7. These are so much fun, Michelle!

    I've heard of people slapping QR codes on to books where the kids can then scan the QR code and then view a book review from a fellow (or past) student. Might be a neat idea if you want to infuse some tech into it.

  8. Hey michelle, I am so sorry about not being able to listen to the broadcasts...according to what I get from your post, is that you try to introduce literacy in a different light, by initiating a program that will captivate listeners; inclusive of parents and their kids. I am an advocate for improvement of literacy and i like when persons try to innovate ways to get persons interested in literature.
    As a student teacher, I am aware of some issues facing the Jamaican classrooms with respect to literacy; I also see where the media is trying to promote programs that will enhance the shortcomings. But I believe more can be done especially via radio. Parental involvement plays a great role in improvement and sadly, not nany parents have the time to actually share in reading with their kids. Having a broadcast program will eliminate having to actually be at a standstill, and things can be attained while listening. Also this can be a creative means of engaging the kids who easily gets turned off by the norm of reading while just looking into a book.
    I have been motivated to actually formulate more creative ways to get persons more acquainted and interested in literacy, as this is needed to stimulate growth and development; ultimately fostering improvement. JODIANNE D. WRIGHT

  9. LOVE THIS MICHELLE!! Thank you so much for linking this up to your RIW post. I'm inspired.


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