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SOLS: Happy 100!

Check out more Slices of Life  at the  Two Writing Teachers After starting this blog one cold and dreary day in February while my girls were napping, I have made it to 100 posts!  Yes, this right here, that you are now reading, that is freshly written, is absolutely, positively post number one hundred!  So, I thought I'd share some of my reflections about writing and blogging: I'm a writer!  I'm not trying for book deals here . . . yet. I'm just trying to share my thinking and grow as a reader, writer, and teacher of both. I enjoy writing poetry.  Not form or structured poems, just free verse.  I've written more poetry over the last couple months than I have ever written in my entire life.  I've fallen in love with poetry. I loved participating in the March challenge .  Ruth challenged me to start a blog and to just start writing.  I was motivated.  I was actively searching for ideas to capture.  Currently, my writer's notebook is whispering to me,

SOLS: It Takes Just One Book

Check out more Slices of Life  at the  Two Writing Teachers As a resource teacher, my schedule doesn't quite get up and running with the start of the school year.  There's testing and more testing.  Proctoring and covering classes.  There's analyzing and more analyzing.  Discussing and grouping.  I am busy, just not yet busy with kids every day. I've been visiting classrooms.  The students already understand that  I LOVE books  and I LOVE reading so they know why I'm there . . . to read a book! It's been a joy to see their smiling faces.  It's been wonderful to hear their thinking.  It's been amazing to hear, "Are you coming back tomorrow to read another book?" Now, that made my day.

SOLS: Living Beside Them

Check out more Slices of Life  at the  Two Writing Teachers "In a teaching world filled with data, I think the best thing about the first days of school is getting to know kids not by numbers,  but by living beside them ."     Thank you for this reminder,  Cathy Mere , a PLN colleague.   We've only been in school for two weeks.   Two glorious weeks of getting-to-know-you activities.  Two busy weeks of building a community of learners and readers and writers.  Two rapid weeks of reading and reading and reading even more.  Two momentous weeks to meet, talk, and confer with each student.  Two reflective weeks of writing what's in our hearts and minds.   We've only been in school for two weeks.  

SOLS: Where Does the Time Go?

Check out more Slices of Life  at the  Two Writing Teachers SOLS:  Where does the time go? Almost a year and a half Looking back at photos and videos that captured those  small moments in time. The moments of unbelievable firsts of wonder of amazement that are just adorable and funny. How can it all be such a distant memory in Almost a year and a half?