Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SOLS: Where Does the Time Go?

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SOLS:  Where does the time go?

Almost a year and a half

Looking back
at photos and videos
that captured those 
small moments in time.
The moments of
unbelievable firsts
of wonder
of amazement
that are
just adorable and funny.
How can it all be
such a distant memory in

Almost a year and a half?


  1. You are so right, where does time go? But the memory is brought back with the slices that have recorded pieces of time.

  2. You remind me of a poem about a little girl grown. I found it at this site-toward the bottom of the page: http://www.nytimes.com/1989/01/18/garden/metropolitan-diary-253089.html Time goes so quickly, but it's also nice that you are recording some of those memories!

  3. The weird thing is that one day you will wake up, your girls will be in college, and you will be clueless as to how the time ran away. Your poetry is a wonderfully lasting gift to you and your kids :)

  4. It goes so quickly doesn't it!

  5. Dear Michelle,
    The time keeps going and going and at one point it seems that it is running away. Writing helps to slow it and sometimes even freeze it. Just a little.
    Thank you for your comment on my post. It mattered to me.

  6. Yes, it goes so quickly. I remember when you were just six years old and reading to kids in the nursery, thinking that one day you would be a teacher. Now many years later, I look at you and wonder "where did all those years go?". Enjoy each moment of each day with the girls, because they too will grow up way too quickly. Love & hugs to you & the girls! M

  7. I hear you on "where does time go." I just sent out "save the dates" for my daughter's first birthday party. It felt like just yesterday when I was pregnant.

  8. Michelle,
    Congrats! You are a Versatile Blogger.




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