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sols: project time

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Last Wednesday I enjoyed time together with four friends from my church small group.  We organized a "Pinterest Party" where we pinned possible craft project ideas onto a group board.  We each selected our project of choice , gathered the necessary materials, and met eager to get crafty. We chatted.  We laughed.  We crafted.  We snacked.  We sipped.   We enjoyed every minute together. It was time together I will treasure.  Just the girls.  And a final project too! Two days later, Daddy was working on his own project in the basement.  My three-and-a-half year old girls and I decided to plan our own "Pinterest Party" with another project . I glued popsicle sticks while they watched and

sols: and today

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers And today I needed my go-to easy-format quick-thinking in-the-moment writing idea. today: another day to make connections with students and inspire greatness want to be: ( secretly ) snuggled under the blanket to finish reading Allegiant blessings: my girls and the new (imposed) daycare opportunity beginning in the new year thinking: the chores will never be completed ... there. is. always . more. planning: to reclaim Christmas and honor the gift of a newborn baby writing:  my deep thoughts and questions to ponder in my notebook loving:  the glistening white lights and pops of red on the Christmas tree grateful:  for the warmth of my home during our first winter snowstorm and

sols: clothing concerns

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I woke up to the click of the light switch.  I thought to myself, "It is way too early."  Grabbing my glasses from my nightstand, I rolled over to face the clock, squinting at the fuzzy green glowing numbers. 5:24 AM.  "No," I whispered out loud.  I quickly threw the blankets off and climbed out of bed. I walked down the hall to see the girls' bedroom light glowing beneath the door.  I quietly opened it to see P. slip beneath her covers and close her eyes. I tiptoed over to her bed, noticing that M. was curled in a ball, still sleeping. "P., honey, it's too early to be up.  Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.  You need to go back to sleep for a little bit longer," I wh