Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SOLS: A Different Kind of Testing

Slice of Life Stories hosted

A glimpse into our life as the parents of 21 month old twins: a different kind of testing.

Sunday morning we were rushing around the house, getting everyone ready to head out the door for church.  It's a circus with the animals running wild.

Grab the backpack. Put the snacks in. Slip on a shoe.

"Where's M.'s other shoe?"  I mumbled under my breath.  P. walked over with it in her hand. "Thank you, P."

Grab a coat. Put on a hat. Slip on the mittens.

"M.  Sit down.  You don't stand up on the chair.  Sit down!"  Daddy sternly told her.

I'm putting on my finishing touches from earrings to my jacket.  Again, Daddy warned our little dare devil to sit down.  She pushes and tests. Up on one leg. Squatting. Smiling.  Looking right at him.

"M.," Daddy calmly tries to say. "No. No.  Off the chair if you can't sit the right way." Daddy whisked her off and the crying ensued.  Disappointment from both parties.

I walked into the kitchen to kindly remind M. that she cannot stand on chairs because it's just not safe.

"Hey, hon.  Where's P.?" I asked my husband because it seemed notably quiet.  And we all know what that usually means.

We walked into the playroom to find our other daughter gazing out the window. She was sitting on her stool which just happened to be propped up on the couch.

"SIT DOWN!" M. screamed at her sister as she proceeded to grab her stool and climb up on the couch right next to P.

It's time to go and pray.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOLS: Snow Play

Slice of Life Stories hosted

My OneLittleWord:

There are many added benefits of having kids --
like the opportunity to be a kid again.
Remembering the days we
just played and had fun 
because we could and 
that's what we were supposed to do.

The snow softly fell. 
It piled up waiting patiently,
quietly calling our names.
With swishing snow pants,
clomping boots, itchy hats,
and hand warming mittens,
we were ready.
Ready to 
jump high
play loudly
sled quickly
build steadily
destroy swiftly
kick fiercely
fall heftily
lay lazily
staring up at the gray sky
unable to move except to
catch snowflakes on our tongues
forgetting about the
cold ground beneath us
and wet socks on our toes.

We laughed, we giggled, we played.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOLS: A New Journal 10+

Slice of Life Stories hosted

There has been lots of talk as of late about journals, writer's notebooks, and baskets exploding with notes, ticket stubs, and pictures.  Ruth, Christy, Deb and Jennifer all shared their thoughts and feelings. As great writers do, they got me thinking about my love-hate-to-take-the-time relationship with notebooks.

I love a new, blank, ready-to-write-in journal.  I will buy them just because they look pretty with hopes of writing, holding moments, scribbling notes, describing my hopes and dreams, or whatever my little heart desires. I always have the best of intentions.

Like many others, I eagerly start capturing ideas in my new pretty journal using my just-right-perfect pen. The first couple pages even display my prettiest handwriting.

Days later . . . my pretty notebook sits open waiting on top of a pile on the counter with a few more ideas of stories to share that I managed to jot down in that extra minute.

Weeks later . . . I write a blog post reminding myself that I need to meet up with that old friend again.  Where is that pretty notebook anyway? Oh, I see it nestled in the middle of that pile that's growing on the counter.

Months later . . . untouched and nowhere in sight.  Probably at the bottom of that pile that I've been meaning to organize for, well, months.

Maybe I need to go out and buy another pretty little journal?  Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Repeat of the days, weeks, and months later.  That's the life cycle of my writer's notebook.


In late December, a blog post appears from Mary Lee Hahn from A Year of Reading.

She wrote about a time machine that was a journal.  A 10 year journal.  I know what you are thinking:  That seems like quite a commitment (10 years?!?) when I'm having a difficult time writing for a week in that pretty new journal with that just-right-perfect pen!

But what I love about this journal is that each day offers only 4 lines to record a snapshot of life.  I can do that!  One to two minutes at the end of a day to capture the day's best, worst, or otherwise.  I can really do that! That's why it says it's a tool for documenting life, a.k.a The Busy Person's Journal.  So, I did it.  I purchased that journal "because time flies."  As a newer mom with limited time in the day, this seems too good to be true!

It isn't pretty on the outside.  It's not slim enough to slip into my purse.  But I can still use my favorite pen -- a Zebra SARASA purple gel pen is my current choice.  I'm sixteen days in and I haven't missed a day!

A peek inside my new Journal 10+.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SOLS: One Little Word 2012

Slice of Life Stories hosted

I've been waiting. Annnnnnnd waiting.

I've been debating. And playing with choices.

I've been wondering when the one little word would pick me.

I've been reading and admiring the already hand-selected words.

But one little word keeps coming back to me.  It keeps playing with me.  And now I'm choosing to play with it -- my one little word for 2012 is . . .

Last year was the first year I chose a one little word to live by throughout the year. That's about as far as I got.  I picked a word and wrote it on a yellow sticky note.  I didn't announce my word.  I didn't write about my word.  I didn't own my word. 

This year I hope will be different.  Life is too short. This year I'm going to PLAY more in my life:
  • Our 20 month old twin daughters are growing faster than I can keep up!  It's hard coming home from a long day at school to a house full of chores to be done. The chores can wait.  I need to PLAY and enjoy my girls now.
  • Once kids come along, there seems to be no time to PLAY with my husband!  We spent so much time together talking, laughing, date nights, movies, wondering about our future - then kids arrived.  I need to make time to PLAY again and enjoy him now.
  • I can no longer use the excuse that I just had twins.  It's time for me to get moving and be active again. Time to start exercising and PLAY now.
  • School/work has me so busy and overwhelmed these days.  I want to enjoy the students and teachers that I work with -- I spend most of my waking day with them.  I need to learn to PLAY more now.
  • Ever since the girls arrived, attending church has, well, not happened. We blamed it on the girls' schedule and the difficulty of getting everyone ready on time.  There is some truth to that, but it's not an excuse.  This past Sunday we attended a new church that is very different than the traditional churches we grew up attending.  The music, the band, the singing, the sermon, the connections -- all full of life and PLAY.  I was sitting in this service and that's when I knew PLAY was my word now. 

I'm looking forward to what's in store for me in 2012 -- 
and all the while I will do my best to PLAY along!

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    SOLS: Like We Never Even Left

    Slice of Life Stories hosted

    A two week
    holiday break.
    Full of
    enjoying our days.

    I needed
    the time away, 
    but real life
    B E E P E D
    me awake 
    this morning.
    Back to
    school and work
    like we never
    even left.