Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SOLS: A Different Kind of Testing

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A glimpse into our life as the parents of 21 month old twins: a different kind of testing.

Sunday morning we were rushing around the house, getting everyone ready to head out the door for church.  It's a circus with the animals running wild.

Grab the backpack. Put the snacks in. Slip on a shoe.

"Where's M.'s other shoe?"  I mumbled under my breath.  P. walked over with it in her hand. "Thank you, P."

Grab a coat. Put on a hat. Slip on the mittens.

"M.  Sit down.  You don't stand up on the chair.  Sit down!"  Daddy sternly told her.

I'm putting on my finishing touches from earrings to my jacket.  Again, Daddy warned our little dare devil to sit down.  She pushes and tests. Up on one leg. Squatting. Smiling.  Looking right at him.

"M.," Daddy calmly tries to say. "No. No.  Off the chair if you can't sit the right way." Daddy whisked her off and the crying ensued.  Disappointment from both parties.

I walked into the kitchen to kindly remind M. that she cannot stand on chairs because it's just not safe.

"Hey, hon.  Where's P.?" I asked my husband because it seemed notably quiet.  And we all know what that usually means.

We walked into the playroom to find our other daughter gazing out the window. She was sitting on her stool which just happened to be propped up on the couch.

"SIT DOWN!" M. screamed at her sister as she proceeded to grab her stool and climb up on the couch right next to P.

It's time to go and pray.


  1. Wow, what a busy & hectic Sunday you had! I grew up with younger brothers that are twins, so I kind of know what it is like. Imagine having two boys running around the house...my poor mother!
    --Jee Young

  2. They do push the limits, but it does make an interesting slice. I was worried there would be an injury by the end and relieved there was none. Glad you made it to church with everyone intact.

  3. I am an aunt to twin boy & girl...I so remember those days with my sister. They are now 13! Thanks for bringing me back to those days!! LOVED your slice!

  4. TWINS!!! It takes a special kind of parent to raise twins...whew!!!

  5. I giggled as I read this--you certainly will get tested by these two. I have almost six-year-old twin grandkids, and I know just how exhausting two can be. Thanks again for the laugh

  6. Oh my-and what fun! My granddaughter was out this past weekend (a bit older than your twins) & she spent much of her time crawling around on the kitchen counter, & then looking at us to see what we would do. They are such explorers, & you want that, but it's scary too. You wrote this just right, Michelle. Go Pray!

  7. I love the line "It's a circus with the animals running wild." I felt like I was right in the middle of the chaos with you! A fun and entertaining post! :-)

  8. I really cannot imagine twins! I love the short sentences. It really gives the feel of a hectic morning. Hang in there. :)

  9. This is surely much more entertaining to read than it was to live in the moment! I have a feeling, though, that you are able to see the humor in it, amidst the chaos, if you are able to write it this way!

  10. I couldn't help but chuckle and nod my head up and down. I remember that kind of testing....and I only had 1. Good luck with the upcoming challenges and enjoy those mellow moments.


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