Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SOLS: One Little Word 2012

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I've been waiting. Annnnnnnd waiting.

I've been debating. And playing with choices.

I've been wondering when the one little word would pick me.

I've been reading and admiring the already hand-selected words.

But one little word keeps coming back to me.  It keeps playing with me.  And now I'm choosing to play with it -- my one little word for 2012 is . . .

Last year was the first year I chose a one little word to live by throughout the year. That's about as far as I got.  I picked a word and wrote it on a yellow sticky note.  I didn't announce my word.  I didn't write about my word.  I didn't own my word. 

This year I hope will be different.  Life is too short. This year I'm going to PLAY more in my life:
  • Our 20 month old twin daughters are growing faster than I can keep up!  It's hard coming home from a long day at school to a house full of chores to be done. The chores can wait.  I need to PLAY and enjoy my girls now.
  • Once kids come along, there seems to be no time to PLAY with my husband!  We spent so much time together talking, laughing, date nights, movies, wondering about our future - then kids arrived.  I need to make time to PLAY again and enjoy him now.
  • I can no longer use the excuse that I just had twins.  It's time for me to get moving and be active again. Time to start exercising and PLAY now.
  • School/work has me so busy and overwhelmed these days.  I want to enjoy the students and teachers that I work with -- I spend most of my waking day with them.  I need to learn to PLAY more now.
  • Ever since the girls arrived, attending church has, well, not happened. We blamed it on the girls' schedule and the difficulty of getting everyone ready on time.  There is some truth to that, but it's not an excuse.  This past Sunday we attended a new church that is very different than the traditional churches we grew up attending.  The music, the band, the singing, the sermon, the connections -- all full of life and PLAY.  I was sitting in this service and that's when I knew PLAY was my word now. 

I'm looking forward to what's in store for me in 2012 -- 
and all the while I will do my best to PLAY along!


    1. This seems to be the perfect word for you, especially with those girls to play with. Here's to playing more as you live a rich life!

    2. I agree with Elsie. Seems like the perfect word for you. I'm glad it found you!

    3. A great word for you and I know it'll be one that you can fulfill each day this year and the next and the next. Don't let life get in the way. Enjoy and play each day! So glad you attended church on Sunday!!! Love ya M

    4. Yea! It found you. I love how you waited patiently to find one you could live this year.

      Happy PLAYing,

    5. It is funny how we need to be reminded to PLAY as adults. I see that shift start to happen in my 8th graders. I like being the one to remind them to play! Great choice- and your explanations definitely deepen its meaning for your life.

    6. I love the way you added all the parts of your life that need PLAY, Michelle. What a good word for the year and for everyone in your life!

    7. PLAY is such a wonderful word. Our adult lives have too much work and obligations. Have fun playing and don't stick too much to the rules.

    8. I like how you are demonstrating your will to "own" your word. I did OLW on a whim last year and it took me awhile to really possess my word. This year I was choosy about my word BECAUSE I knew how much I would love this involvement - enjoy your word.

    9. You have tied the idea of play into all parts of your life. You found your word. It will be fun to see how it plays out this year. :) booksavors


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.