Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOLS: Snow Play

Slice of Life Stories hosted

My OneLittleWord:

There are many added benefits of having kids --
like the opportunity to be a kid again.
Remembering the days we
just played and had fun 
because we could and 
that's what we were supposed to do.

The snow softly fell. 
It piled up waiting patiently,
quietly calling our names.
With swishing snow pants,
clomping boots, itchy hats,
and hand warming mittens,
we were ready.
Ready to 
jump high
play loudly
sled quickly
build steadily
destroy swiftly
kick fiercely
fall heftily
lay lazily
staring up at the gray sky
unable to move except to
catch snowflakes on our tongues
forgetting about the
cold ground beneath us
and wet socks on our toes.

We laughed, we giggled, we played.  


  1. Snow is always more fun in the presence of children. Sounds like you had a great time because it let to this fun poem.

  2. You have a great OLW! Glad that it is part of your slice this week. I like how you wrote that the snow was quietly calling our names! I also like the "shape" of your poem as well. It just snowed a bit here in Seoul finally, after a winter of barely much snow! It sounds like your kids had a great time playing in the snow.
    -jee young

  3. Lovely poem about snow, children, and the good ole days!!! Your form was devine!!

  4. There is simply nothing so magical. A friend just sent me a snow poem, just because she liked it, & we're both grandmothers! I love all your romp through the words, and the verbs-fits just right, Michelle!

  5. beautiful description of the joy of a snow day! I love your first line -- I'm always thinking that I can't wait to have kids so I can do such-and-such (play on playgrounds, etc.)!

  6. This is so great. Loved the verb choice. Playing with kids (or dogs) in the snow is a blast.

  7. My husband and I so need kids. Sometimes we just go to the zoo for fun!

  8. I love the last lines of the second to last stanza--the forgetting about the truth of snow play because you are so caught up in the fun of it!

  9. Kids make everything magical. I love watching my boys play in the snow but I love it even more now that I can watch through the window while I have a hot chocolate and read a book. :)

  10. You described it perfectly. Having kids makes those playful moments all the more special. I wonder how long your little ones lasted in the cold. I love how you described how the play made the wet, cold socks worth it.

  11. What a lovely playful poem inspired by a lovely playful day.

  12. When you forget about frozen fingers and wet toes, you know that true fun is beginning. (Not to mention memory making)

  13. I am guessing your wrote this on day one and still had power. :)

    Hope you enjoyed all of it while it lasted and that you all stayed warm.

  14. I love the overall look of your poem. Then I especially loved the last line - what a perfect ending!


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