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{life} #sol15

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life. _____________________________________________________
It's one of those weeks in life.   There is so much going on. Everyday.  There is something.  Beyond all the every day stuff.
I'm excited, planning,  nervous, worrying,  shopping, wondering,  meeting, more planning frantic, and exhausted.
Checking items  off my to do list.  Between home and school.   Celebrations of learning.   Celebrations of birthdays.
Yet, it is the week  with such an important day. May first.  That special day  five years ago --
When my husband and I  were given the most precious gifts.  Gifts that could never return.   Gifts that mean the world to us.   Gifts that are only for us.
My baby girls  are going to have a birthday.   And they are turning  five.   Yes, five.
The days are long,  yet the years are short.   I'm sure feeling it this week. There is so much going on.   It's one of those weeks.

{the sandbox} #sol15

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life. _____________________________________________________

It was a long, cold winter.  We have been teased with glimpses of spring and even a couple summer like days of sunshine, blue skies, and a warm breeze.  Last Saturday provided us one of those days.  It was just beautiful, so we made our way outside as soon as we could.
We worked in the yard all morning: raking old leaves, picking up sticks, trimming plants, and mulching.  Lots of mulching.  The yard looks fresh and new and ready to grow!
The girls eyed the sandbox all morning.  "When can we open up the sandbox?" was the question of the day, repeated over and over, hoping that the answer would be "Right now."
"After lunch.  Then you will have the whole afternoon to play in it." Then I quickly added, " ... as long as the sand is clean and not too wet!"  Sometimes there needs to be a disclaimer.  I wasn't sure…

{life happens} #sol15

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life. _____________________________________________________
I had a difficult time deciding what to write about today.  I noticed that over the month of March, when I was writing every day, I could easily see stories all around me.  They shouted in my ear, "There's a great slice. That's a perfect story to share.  I can't wait to capture this moment."  The writing began in my head and then scribbled on sticky notes.  Because the stories were always there.  However, the vision of storytelling has faded with the opportunity of writing every day, even though stories are here for me to tell.  And, so, today, this happened ... because I still decided to just write. _____________________________________________________

Life happens 
The stories are always there,  waiting to be written ...
Because life happens and in life there are stories to be told.
Then life really happens.   Busyness.  Every…

{40 reasons} #sol15

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.
Today my husband celebrates a big, BIG birthday -- and I'm so lucky and thankful to have spent  the last sixteen years learning about everything that he loves the last (almost) twelve years learning about everything that I love about him the last (almost) five years learning with my daughters why we love our Daddy.

Happy, happy 40th birthday Jon!

{#celebratelu this week} #digiPoetry

Today I am celebrating: {this week in verse}

writing and writing every day in march five years of the solsc complete celebrate with *confetti* but then keep writing and writing and writing and celebrating
celebrate the habit of storytelling

{presentation} attending an all day meeting monday
the first day after a relaxing spring break
planning for a wednesday training that
was an enjoyable stress i needed
celebrate relieved presentation exhaustion

{difficult conversation} the anticipation (and stress) of
a conversation that was necessary
led to many opportunities of
relationships, learning, and moving forward
celebrate new beginnings

{a day off}
after a long-only-four-day-busy week an extra day of family time was just what was needed even though little was accomplished
celebrate the ordinary

a "non-attendance" day off
full of irony because it is so much more
Jesus died a brutal death for me and you and our s…

{spring & believe} #digipoetry

Inspired by Leigh Anne ... a little book spine poetry!
I used some books from my enormous piles of library books waiting to be read.
Let me know if you see a book title you suggest I read first.
It wasn't as easy as I remembered to create!


      The Thing About Spring So Many Days
Early Bird
Up in the Garden and 
Down in the Dirt
Finding Spring

This I Believe

This I Believe
Cinderella Ate My Daughter
You're Going to Be Okay
The End of the Rainbow
Happily Ever After


April is National Poetry Month.  I will dabble in celebrating with others by writing and sharing poetry this month.  Participants can follow along and share on Twitter: #digipoetry.

{everything was right in my world} #digipoetry


it was a beautiful morning sun shining, blue skies still a little chill in the air
everything was right in my world
a quick stop on my way to school "large ice tea of caffeine, please" for a refreshing pick-me-up
everything was right in my world
i paid and quickly asked, "how much for the order for the lady behind me?"
everything was right in my world
something i have never done before "i'm going to pay for her too" and i handed over a five dollar bill
everything was right in my world
i'll never forget the memory  the contagious smile on her face and the feeling inside my heart
everything was right in my world

my smile created a joyous
interaction with the server
making each other feel like we matter

everything was right in my world
and then the message of the day sang in my ears on the radio ephesians 5:2
everything was right in my world
'and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and ga…

finding my happy again

And so here I am ...   finding my happy again on day thirty-two
my mom's morning TFTD also known as Thought For The Day text
new colorful not-so-clicky pens to brighten my writing and my day
olw 'breathe' bracelet to remind me daily
warm sunshine and sixty degrees finally another bike ride
colleagues' undeniable support for a presentation today
five of my students completed the SOLSC writing for 31 days with minimal support from me
plus one more student that isn't in any of my groups, but we've connected and she wrote too  - look at her reflections!
my understanding husband, grumbling all month, and now today hints at possible slices to write
reading final slice after final slice inspired by your words
i tell myself to rest, to stay away, but after thirty-one days ...
i just can't ... i still need to share my happy again. 

Stacey shared this with me after I wrote about "finding my happy" on Monday.   Go…