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sols: time

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Tick tock. Tick tock. Time. I'm always curious how everyone spends their time.  There are not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything that I need or want to do. Between family time, reading time, writing time, school time, prayer time, lounging time, exercising time, quiet time, laundry time, cleaning time, loud time, playing time, sleep time, and fill-in-every-other-blank time. Oh, and that little known thing as me time. Even though there are not enough hours in the day, I don't think I would do better with  more time .   I need to prioritize and find that balance.  But I need time to do that. Time. Tick tock. Tick tock.

sols: guilt

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers I had nothing to write about last night for today. Maybe my brain is tired from transitioning from summer mode to school. This morning my thoughts bounced around.  I could write about this or that or the other, but never committed to a slice idea.  So I waited until the slice found me.  And it did. Yesterday I had no guilt dropping the girls off at school (their daycare).  I was ready to get back to school and allow them the opportunity to play and learn with others. Today, my morning began like any other morning until it was time to drop the girls off.  I had talked to the girls yesterday about the change in the routine during drop off.  I was putting slippers on and washing hands with the girls before kisses and hugs goodbye, but Ms. K. decided it would be easier if she did that

sols: count down

Slice of Life  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Many of you, like me, are holding onto the last few days of summer. I'm enjoying my slow and easy transition back to school.  Monday I had a half-day meeting.  Today I'm home with the girls.  Two days at school in my classroom and a family day out on Friday. Before everything officially begins next Monday. I think I might meander over to school today to show my girls my new learning space and really see what I'm getting myself into.  I packed up my room that I made a home for ten years and I'm moving into a smaller room.  I'm actually excited about the transition.  A fresh start.  Newly organized.  (That's the part I still need to accomplish this week.)  And perhaps a little decorating.  Nothing fancy. I just said to a friend and colleague, Chris over at Reading Amid

Picture Books Galore: #pb10for10

Ten picture books  I can't live  without  in my classroom. Check out other favorite 10 for 10 Picture Book Lists  @  Reflect and Refine  and  Enjoy and Embrace Learning or  Jog the Web 10 for 10 Books are like old friends.  Especially the books that you continually go back to, and trust, and rely on for their words, pictures, and messages.  Besides trying to pick only ten books, my other problem this year was that I had to pack up my classroom and all my books at the end of the school year.  They are sitting, waiting patiently, in a new learning space.  Waiting to be picked up, flipped through, and smiled at softly with book love remembrance.  Waiting to be shared with new students.  I'll be able to greet them on Monday.  My old friends. So, this year, I cheated a bit -- due to lack of book browsing to jog my memory and time, I decided to look back at last year's  #pb10for10 post .  This prompted me to visit my  Goodreads picture