Tuesday, August 6, 2013

sols: pinning friends

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One of my addictions online is Pinterest.

The visual picture.

The brief explanation.

The quick scroll and view.

Easy-peasy, click and pin.

It's amazing too what I learn about other pinners I follow just by viewing their pins.

Their likes.

Their hopes.

Their goals.

Their food addictions.

I connect with teachers, moms, and believers on Twitter and through the TWT community of writers.  I never really thought about the connections that could be made via Pinterest.  Yes, it is a social media platform, but it doesn't lend itself to the conversations that Twitter or blogging do.

And then it happened.  Last week I received a DM (direct message on Twitter that only I can view):

At first, I thought it was another hacked account and I was the recipient of a strange message.

But then I reread the message -- I did my own close reading -- and realized she was reaching out to me.

You see, many of my praising God quotes, bible verses, and faith pins come from her.  She pins.  I repin.  Almost every pin.  She is one of my constant reminders of my need for God and Jesus in my life.  (Yes, even Pinterest can do that too!)

I love that she initiated the connection.  She noticed every pin.  She noticed me.  Little ole me.

From there we shared multiple DMs.  We connected in comfort, without judgement, in our own homes.  I was smiling feeling like I was chatting with an old friend.   Connecting as a believer, a mom, a wife, and as a teacher.

I had goosebumps knowing God had a hand in this connection and I am so thankful for her -- even though I only really know her through her pins.

I also know that she is a huge fan of the TWT blog and Stacey and Ruth's book.  Hmmm . . . what about Slice of Life???  More connections to be made!


  1. Michelle,
    Your pinning connection post is exciting! Will the pinner be revealed? Posted as SOL mystery? Weaving webs of connection is amazing these days with social media. Thanks for sharing this slice.

  2. I love that! I think the connections we make via social media are really amazing. Enjoy your new friend! :-)

  3. Michelle,

    I'm honored that you wrote about our connection! God most definitely had His hand in it! I am thankful too.

    We are now like modern-day pen pals! (I think I may be too long-winded for DM tweets!)

    P.S. Have I been challenged to join the Slice of Life?

  4. It is all about connections, isn't it?

  5. Of course, you got me hooked on Pinterest, but I don't visit it often, but when I do, I find so many things that I repin. My card ideas is overflowing. So I see from the above post that Loralee is your "new" friend. God does have a hand in all that we do (if only we let Him). Hopefully, Loralee will be up to the challenge and join this wonderful community. Love ya M

    1. Hi Judy!

      I'm starting to think about it!

      As I read through Michelle's incredible blog and read comments like yours, it does look like a wonderful community!

      Hmmm..."up to the challenge"...that's the scary part! I write in my own notebooks and in front of my students and teachers, but on a blog? Yikes! :0)

  6. It's all about community and connection. SOL has taught me that.

  7. This makes the world shrink in size as connections are made.

  8. Goosebumps, those connections are goosebump moments sometimes aren't they? I love how you share your open heart: inspiring.

  9. So neat that you were able to connect in this new, unique way! I loved how you emphasized that she noticed "every pin" and therefore noticed "little old you". That feeling is how I've always felt when a teacher mentioned something to let me know that they remembered something special about me, and I hope this is how students feel when we remember those little details about them -- that we noticed, that we know who they are, and that we appreciate them.

  10. Sweet Michelle, I like to reread...and came across this bookmark. Warmed my heart again. Still enJOYing your pins and tweets!


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