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{#sol15} 10 Tips for the Challenge

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.

Last Saturday morning, I didn't need to wake up early.  I wanted to go back to sleep.  But instead my brain was awake and thinking.  Creating this list.  Writing this post.  

Many of us are embarking on an adventure - the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Writing, sharing, and commenting for thirty-one days in March. Want to learn more about the SOLSC?  Check out Stacey's post {HERE}about the challenge hosted by the "Fab Six" over at the Two Writing Teachers' blog.  

I hope you find these tips for the challenge helpful whether you are a first-time slicer (cue confetti!) or a year five slicer like me.

1. Before the challenge begins... set up all 31 blank blog posts, one for each day of the challenge and save!  I include the number day (i.e. 1/31, 2/31, 3/31, 31/31, etc.) and include the #sol15 hashtag in the title (for my "If This Then That"recipe connected to Twitter).  I …

{#sol15} Trouble

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.

We had no big plans for this weekend.  However, I felt like I was living in my own version of If You Hove A Mouse A Cookiestory... What started out as one task led to another ...

It all started with a game of Trouble. The four of us huddled around the little white table in the playroom Saturday morning.

POP! Goes the die in the bubble. 
My hubby expressed how light and bright the playroom was with the blinds open and the sun shining. 
And then POP!Trouble.
"What? What is that? Look at that.  There's a leak in the roof! Look at the ceiling!" he exclaimed as he got up to take a closer look. 
"Finish up my turn," he said as he went upstairs to investigate in the walk-in attic above the playroom.

{sols} the next adventure

Today is a milestone day.  It's not even the "real" day.  Or the first day.  But it's THE day that begins to make it all real before the first real day.  (Sigh.)

My twin four and a half year old daughters will be five in May -- and that magic age signals registration for ...


It's even hard for me to say it.  I make a sad pouty face.  I can only whisper the word.  Then I wonder where the years went.  Big tears fill my eyes.  I wonder how my beautiful baby girls are almost five years old and ready for ...


Don't get me wrong.  I'm super excited for the girls.  I want them to love going to school.  I want them to be excited to learn to read and write.  I want them to meet new friends.  I want them to love their teacher.  I'm just not sure that I am ready for ...


We have been casually talking about it, trying to create the excitement about going to the big school in the neighborhood.  Reminding them of the neighbor f…

{sols} a snow story

Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.

My girls are really into storytelling these days, especially hearing stories where they are the main characters!  Here is a story about their experience after the blizzard on Sunday.

Once upon a time ...

there were two adorable and very energetic four year olds, who always listened to their Momma.


The two girls were twin sisters and they loved playing together.  They played with their baby dolls and took care of their stuffed animals with the vet clinic tools.  The girls enjoyed coloring, painting, and creating masterpieces of art that were on display for all to see.  They loved laughing and singing and dancing around the house.

"Momma!  Watch me!" demanded P. as she twirled around.

As their joyous laughter filled the air, one darling girl spotted a snowflake floating back and forth slowly toward the ground.  The sparkle and beauty caught her eye.  Then there was another snowflake…