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{time away} #sos

This summer, as with anything in 2020, has been anything but usual. Days at the pool non-existent. Playdates with friends on hold. Camps delayed. One vacation delayed a year. Another vacation postponed until deemed safer.  But, thankfully, we did get away as a family for a week.  We are so blessed to have a family cabin in the woods in the middle of Wisconsin. We packed the mini-van FULL with AnythingAndEverything we may need (or want). Here there seems like there is nothing to do. Here we just get to be in the slow moment of time... We stayed up late and slept in until we stretched out of bed.  I stole moments to sit in the quiet and read.  We noticed the beautiful Monarch butterflies fluttering in the breeze.  I was in awe of the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds.  We hung out in bright pink flamingo tubes cooling off in the lake.  I enjoyed lots of walks with the dog on a new dirt road.  We bounced around in a UTV on the trails splashing in mud puddles when they presented thems

{tangled} #sos

Tangled i stare and wonder a tangled mess of cords and light bulbs where do i begin unraveling the twisted confusion i stare and ponder how this messy web resembles the heap of resources articles, blog posts, webinars, books suggestions overloading my brain from clarity i stare  and flounder not knowing where  to start unraveling this confinement knowing i just need to start doing the work i stare and consider starting at one end slowing weaving in and out taking my time carefully making knowledgeable decisions i stare  and admire the organization of streamlining of ideas as the lightbulbs are shedding light on new understanding