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{time away} #sos

This summer, as with anything in 2020, has been anything but usual.

Days at the pool non-existent. Playdates with friends on hold. Camps delayed. One vacation delayed a year. Another vacation postponed until deemed safer. 

But, thankfully, we did get away as a family for a week. 

We are so blessed to have a family cabin in the woods in the middle of Wisconsin. We packed the mini-van FULL with AnythingAndEverything we may need (or want). Here there seems like there is nothing to do. Here we just get to be in the slow moment of time...

We stayed up late and slept in until we stretched out of bed. 
I stole moments to sit in the quiet and read. 

We noticed the beautiful Monarch butterflies fluttering in the breeze. 
I was in awe of the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds. 

We hung out in bright pink flamingo tubes cooling off in the lake. 
I enjoyed lots of walks with the dog on a new dirt road. 

We bounced around in a UTV on the trails splashing in mud puddles when they presented themselves. 
I kinda wished I took that Dramamine that was jokingly suggested online. 

We played games around the table late into the night. 
I served up ice cream every single evening because why not? It's vacation. 

We observed lots of deer, turkey, baby turkeys, baby raccoons, a fox (and a dead porcupine). 
I tried to capture the beautiful of nature, but the animals are too quick (except that dead porcupine, but I didn't want to remember that).

We saw so. many. stars that freckled the sky and the trail of the comet in the dark of the night. 
I looked up in amazement of what we can't see back home and wished on every shooting star.

This also means: No wifi. And it was perfection. Peace at the highest level.

Ignoring the news. Pausing email. Silencing social media. Writing in my head. Capturing special moments in my heart. 

It was precious time away to just live in the moment without a worry or fear or the rise of anxiety.


  1. What a beautiful retreat! These photos are so sweet, and your description of this trip makes it sound absolutely lovely. So good that you got to go!

  2. This reads like a children's book! I am so happy you shared it and I got a taste of peace.
    xo, Ruth

  3. Time to relax and enjoy all that God's has given us. Glad you got to enjoy some "me" time along with family time! Hugs. Love ya, Mom

  4. Oh, that looks like a lovely retreat! I imagine you don't want to post specifics about where your cabin is, but I used to live in St. Germain, WI near Minocqua and Eagle River. So, I always get excited when I hear about people traveling to Wisconsin and I am curious if you are anywhere near the places I know and love. Regardless, it looks absolutely perfect!

  5. This sounds like a heavenly get away.

  6. Cabin in the woods is probably the best place to be. Peace. Curiosity. Being fully present. Being together. I am happy for you.


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