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{late night writing} #sol18

  Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ Summer months Time to enjoy A little extra freedom To stay up later Doing what we love In slow motion Quiet time before bed Reading another book Writing one more story Until her eyes could No longer stay open And she rested her head Holding her pen In place savoring Her last words ... _____________________________________________________ This could have been me this evening or any night. I knew I wanted to write, but I find it is harder during the summer to find th

{playing school} #sol18

  Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ The very afternoon my girls were out of school, they were already making plans. They disappeared into the playroom ... and an hour later they emerged. "Momma! Come and see what we did!" They called out. The girls transformed their playroom into a new space: a classroom for summer.  Using items "gifted" from their teachers and other handmade essentials, the girls created a learning space, including a daily schedule made of popsicle sticks and a magnetic pointer on a pipe cleaner, clas

Announcing ... the 2018 #cyberPD Book!

Get ready for the 8th Annual  #cyberPD Summer Event! Check out our  #cyberPD Google+ Community  to learn more! We can't wait for YOU to join in the conversations! ________________________________________________________________ Every year in May, we ask to see your stack of PD books you can't wait to dive into over the summer, looking for just the right book to read together. This year, once again, we were blown away by your response and stacks of books! We agreed, we all need more time to read ... The book selection is important, but what makes this PD event truly successful are the amazing teachers and educators across the globe that support each other through the learning process. YOU make #cyberPD a success! Thank YOU for joining us ... whether this is your very first year, or your 8th year, or somewhere in between, we are thrilled YOU are joining in!!  The beauty of this summertime PD is you make it what you want and you do what you can when you ca