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{a slice of humor} #sol15

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At dinner the other night, just like every night, we talked about kindergarten.  I try my various ways of pulling out information from my twin daughters.  Some days there isn't much to share.  And some days ... well, I'm quite surprised what they share.

Me: So, how was school today?

M and P: (Silence.)

Me: What was your favorite part of the day? Share a "good" with me.

M and P: (Nothing but shrugs.)

Me (trying again to start a conversation): Oh, I received an email from your teacher today. She sent a letter to all the parents about some new rules.

I grabbed my phone to pull up the email and shared the first new rule.

Me:  Do you keep your hands and feet to yourself?

M: Yes, we always follow the rules.

Me: Oh, what about talking when the teacher is talking?  Do you talk when the teacher is talking, P?

P: No, but ...

Me:  Do y…