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{Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: Week 1} #cyberPD

We have teamed up with yet another fabulous author 
and PD book for #cyberPD! 
This July we are reading and learning together around 
Vicki Vinton's newest title: Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: Shifting to a Problem-Based Approach
Join in the conversation in our#cyberPD Google Community!
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My Thoughts and Reflections I'm finally here and ready to join in the conversations around Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: Shifting to a Problem-Based Approach! Family time, vacation, and several district workshops took precedence at the beginning of July. I read the chapters prior to vacation, but never had the time to bring all my thoughts together in one place. I'll finally be able to read other responses too and learn alongside all of you!

Introduction: Plunging Into Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading First of all, I go into reading PD books with an open mind and heart, looking for ways to clarify what I believe and ask m…

{yeah, you rock} #sol17

Slice of Life is hosted at the Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________
I didn't ask, but I still received.

Do you know how amazing that feels?

I shared my feelings and ups and downswith my new role and changes in my professional life.

And you were there to lift me up. Reminding me I could do this. Sharing wisdom and advice. Reaching out to connect.

Yes, I'm nervous about what is to come. But with you all by my side, this journey next year will be doable.

And in case I'm in need of more positive, encouraging words ... I've started yet another Pinterest board: New Adventure!  Let's do this!