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sols: forever

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers it doesn't make sense it will   n e v e r  make sense innocent children sweet, little babies brave teachers protective mothers-to-all questioning why, WHY, why praying for peace and comfort that won't come for a long, long time shedding many tears a heavy, heavy heart grabbing my baby girls squeezing them tight - maybe too tight kissing and loving on them whispering to them over and over "i love you. i love you so much." "to the moon and back, momma," they respond. "yes, to the moon and back -- and even more." and

sols: just for today

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers I usually write my Tuesday "Slice of Life"  on Monday evening.  Some Mondays, I have a story or idea already mixing -- and sometimes even several ideas to choose.  This week was different. I started typing.  Then deleted.  I had an idea.  Then started over.  A blank screen stared back at me.  Fingers tapped on the keyboard, but nothing filled the page that was worthy of sharing. I then remembered reading Rachel's post:  Sunday Stills @ finding joy , and I also remember thinking to myself: I may need to try this again for a slice .  So, here I am, borrowing a little inspirati

sols: on my mind

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers I don't know if you read this post yesterday, but you need to take time now to read it.  Go on, it will just take a couple minutes.  I'll wait. On My Mind . . .  Pretty powerful, huh?  That's what I thought.  Ruth, one of my nudgers, wrote about creating space in our minds in order to then be reflective in our practices.  Always smart thinking from her.  Simple, yet it makes so much sense to me. And then all night and first thing this morning when I woke up, I was consciously thinking about what was on my mind.  My brain is still a little clou