Tuesday, December 18, 2012

sols: forever

Slice of Life Stories hosted

it doesn't make sense
it will  n e v e r  make sense

innocent children
sweet, little babies

brave teachers
protective mothers-to-all

questioning why, WHY, why
praying for peace

and comfort that
won't come for a long, long time

shedding many tears
a heavy, heavy heart

grabbing my baby girls
squeezing them tight - maybe too tight

kissing and loving on them
whispering to them over and over

"i love you.
i love you so much."

"to the moon and back, momma,"
they respond.

"yes, to the moon and back --
and even more."

and even more
more than you will ever know.

so many lives touched
scarred, changed



  1. So many things in our lives don't make sense and never will. Those "why" questions sometimes can't be answered (and perhaps shouldn't be). Your poem captures the feelings that I shared in my slice today. I wish all of my babies were closer to hug and to say I Love You, but long distance squeezes and words will have to do. I love you very, very much. M

  2. Words well written Michelle...it's the "whys" that I struggle with so so much like I told your mom . . . I really am in awe of your faith...

  3. Loved your poem. Someday we will know the "whys". For now we must just do the Loving, encourage the Loving, and embrace the Peace.

  4. The weekend was hard on us, wasn't it? Your poem made me happy, though, Michelle, that you loved your babies often & I know that you do, but suddenly I thought that perhaps out of this tragedy, others who don't pay much attention to their children might see that they should do more.

  5. and even more
    more than you will ever know

    My breath caught at those words...I think every mother knows the depth of that.

    Linda's thought is so hopeful, that maybe those who don't pay attention to their children will see that they should do more- those who have just allowed themselves to get too busy might wake up and those who are neglectful may be jarred by reality. And loving parents will cherish the present moment all the more.

  6. Neat poem -- such a great way to capture your feelings. I always find poetry the best for getting out strong emotions. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You always have such a gift of capturing emotions and conveying so much with your poetry.

  8. We must continue to tell our kids we love them. That's all we can do right now.

  9. We all have heavy hearts - give those girls lots of squeezes! Hugs help everyone (even grumpy teenagers with lots of homework).

  10. I know we are all fighting these feelings this week. I had to write my own feelings out as well.


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