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soLs: to be healthy

life takes a turn and slows when one little-one is sick.
the whole month one and then the other had an ear infection.
just not feeling right. just needing to be held.
one needed me. one wanted me.
i'll be so glad when summer arrives
to recapture my healthy happy girls
even though i know i'll be working harder at home.

soLs: bittersweet

What does one need to know in order to throw a great celebratory party?

Delicious food.  Check.
Fine wine.  Check.
Great people. Check, check, check.
A standing ovation.  Check.
A little rockin' music.  Check!

Last Friday night, three teachers from my school celebrated their journey of teaching.  Planning such a night can be bittersweet.  It's a celebration of their dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and tears for a combined total of 102 years!  Yet, uncertainty as this BIG chapter concludes . . . all the while knowing many new chapters are waiting to begin.

It was such a special evening to honor these three women through words and songs.  Story after story after story that was shared, confirmed their dedication to teaching and compassion for kids.  As Auggie (the main character in Wonder - by the way, a MUST read!) states:

"Everyone deserves a standing ovation at least once in their lives."   
And I completely agree -- these three women deserved the cheers of ack…

Do You Have Any "Pinterest"?

A little peek at the blog post I wrote that was published today on the IRA Engage Teacher To Teacher website:

*   *   *   *   * 
Teacher Tips: Do You Have Any "Pinterest" in Learning More? 

Teaching is hard.  Really hard.  There is not one teacher that will deny it.  Of course, I love it – most days.  I love the kids.  I love the daily challenges.  And I’m constantly learning to be the best me in the classroom to push through those challenges and meet the needs of my students. 

But why try to do it alone? 
There are a number of engaging social networking sites that can connect us with educators and literacy experts.  I’ve learned that there are MANY smart teachers across the world that I can connect with and learn from daily.  Building my personal learning network (PLN) has been a goal of mine this year and I have found a fun way to do it!  

*   *   *   *   * 
I hope you check it out in its entirety, especially if you have any interest in learning more about the Pinterest c…

soLs: a (proud) little secret

Come here.  

Come closer.  

I have a secret to share with you.  I'm really excited about it and I haven't told anyone except my mom, my hubby, and my friend, colleague, and writing buddy.

I receive notifications of comments on my blog on my email at school.  I think all of you will agree, it's always exciting to see that a new comment was left behind.  It never gets old.  Everyone loves a visitor, a voice that let's you know that you've been heard, and a comment that keeps you writing.

I know I don't say it enough, but I really appreciate when YOU stop by and YOU leave a little note because YOU matter to me.  

Most comments pour in on Tuesday as slicers are doing their very best to read and leave a supportive note that day.  A few comments trickle in the rest of the week.  One comment that I received last Wednesday was from Lara.  This was not a name that I recognized as a weekly slicer, but the community has grown so much . . . Maybe just a new visitor?  However,…

slow it down

Rarely do I ever just slow it down to celebrate.  I'm a quick celebrator:  "Yeah--but, what about . . .???"   I'm always thinking ahead:  How can I improve?  What can I do differently?  How am I going to reach this student?  How am I going to push that student?  And because we are in crunch time now (a month of school left!), it was refreshing to hear these bits of conversations happening in my classroom:

I started the day asking a group of first graders: Why are WE here?  Everyone replied, "To learn."  Then K. added, "And to fill our brains with words."  This led us to an awesome discussion about how smart this idea was because filling our brains with words helps us when we are talking, reading and writing!

Two second grade boys were having a conversation about oral reading fluency: "It's not about how many words you get, it's about how you read them," L. told K.  K paused and then replied, "It's a little about both.&q…

A Reading Convention Pondering

The International Reading Association Convention is in Chicago this week.  I felt the sense of urgency to attend, to learn more, to meet with colleagues from across the world with the same passion for teaching literacy that I possess.  Oh, and I should also note . . . the convention is being held less than an hour from my house.  I need to go.

I have much to process and share about the two days that I attended.  However, on the first day this is what I found myself pondering on the train ride back home.

a conference

Ready to learn
to hear from some
of the great ones
in the field of literacy.

Excited to be
with a sense of
validation and conviction.

Digging deeper into
my own learning and
understanding -- pushing
my thinking to application.

And then I arrived
to a buzzing frenzy
of a 'marketplace' with
every vendor known to teachers.

Each company trying
to outdo their neighbor.
Who can create the biggest -
tallest - techy-est - comfiest booth?

And the free goodies, …


2 years
731 days
17,544 hours
1,052,640 minutes
63,158,400  seconds
an unbelievable amount of
joy  love  laughter  hugs  pride 
all times two for we were blessed with two
happy birthday to our beautiful, precious girls 
who have connected us to what life is all about --

I'll make a wish--but wait! My wish has already come true.

I love you baby girls!! Happy, happy, happy birthday to you two!!