Tuesday, May 29, 2012

soLs: to be healthy

Slice of Life Stories hosted

life takes
a turn and slows
when one little-one
is sick.

the whole month
and then the other
had an ear infection.

just not feeling
just needing
to be held.

one needed
one wanted

i'll be so
when summer

to recapture
my healthy

even though
i know
i'll be working
harder at home.

i just
healthy again.

Summer is coming and I'm hoping everyone remains healthy!  Please share your ideas to help me fill my summer calendar with my 2 year old twin girls!


  1. Aww. We've had those years where I just want to have everyone home and to be healthy again. Our summers, since my boys reached at least two, are filled with the pool, library, parks, sprinklers, and creating art. ;) Enjoy!

  2. I so hope they are feeling better this week. Hugs to all of you!!! Of course, there is always Grandma & Grandpa's house for a visit - off to the lake, playing with Max, reading, and whatever else we can find. And don't forget to get some one on one time with each of them. Love ya, M

  3. It is so so stressful when they don't feel well . . . you just want to make it all better and sometimes it's just not possible. But good positive energy for the next 8 days and beyond for a wonderful summer! Let's plan a day at Pirates Cove, I would love to join you and the girls . . . and of course we can plan some long walks through Busse Woods, maybe we will be lucky enough to see some deer! Let's get the calendar out!!!

  4. I too think the year will never end, & I don't have the girls to worry about, Michelle. I'm sorry it's been such a time-hard to work & comfort all at the same time. I have been having fun with my granddaughter just being at the next door school playground. And we've been painting on the patio-much fun to be sloppy out of doors! Best wishes!

  5. I can understand this. Sometimes it seems like the family will never be healthy. But, at least it's not you that are sick! That would be worse---Hang in there. Summers coming!

  6. I can relate to just wanting healthy kids. Knock on wood...we've been really fortunate in the health-department.

    As far as summer with two year olds...books in the shade with drippy ice cream cones would be high on my list. :)

  7. Ah, the twos - a delicious time, because they are just so glad to be with you. Art projects, long reading sessions and playtime. it's nice that they have each other and instant comapanionship, though.

  8. aww, a sweet and poignant poem! Best wishes for a healthy summer for your whole family! Your poem made me feel the comfort that you give to your kids when they are sick: "just needing to be held."

    1. Wishing you healthy laughter all summer long!

  9. Wishing you healthy summer days ahead. It's no fun being sick when it's sunny and warm. The days will fly by.

  10. Aww! Poor girls and poor mommy. I hope the warmth of summer and the together time it brings is enough to heal you all!

  11. Here's to a happy, healthy summer! My girls are older, but the last few years I have realized how nice it is to go to the public library regularly. They often have crafts that the girls love (but for the younger ages they have weekly story hours as well). However, I am realizing that some of my favorite times are when the library is fairly quiet and we just have some calm moments skimming through the books.

  12. Summer means making messes and cleaning them up...much...later! :) Do the girls have a water table or buckets? I used to love filling up the water tables at day care with rice, beans and sand. Lots of tactile fun!

    L & A recommend lots of time at the park on the swings!

  13. Michelle,
    Sorry to hear about the girls being sick...it's definitely not fun...we've been pretty lucky so far for this month-this is a record year for my own sick days-so embarassing! But like your poem says just needing to be held, no one's better than mama!
    In the past, some fun summer ideas have been: take a mini-road trip with a friend to a free place-park, kiddie pool, picnic, hike...
    or pay place -zoo, amusement park, swim club, mini-golf, etc.
    Ice cream everytime!

  14. little feelings in a centered poem,
    you can say
    much with your words
    and then
    love again

    My favorite things are reading on the couch, looking for bugs and making messes with paint and cookie dough.

  15. Sorry to hear about the girls being sick. I hope that the summer will be healthy and fun for all of you. You will probably have more ideas than you ever can use when you search on pinterest.
    One of my favorite reads for inspiration have been book "Creative Family" and Soule Mama blog (http://www.soulemama.com/the_creative_family/). The Artful Parent blog has tons of art ideas ( http://www.artfulparent.com/).
    Sometimes the easiest thing is just to wonder around in the nature or provide art supplies for exploration.


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