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{more} #sol19

Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ Summer is here. And I'm loving it. Even though I keep saying that being a full time mom and working through the to-do lists is more exhausting than going to school every day! In summer, there's ... More  slow mornings reading time baking yummy goodness dinner creations More  spontaneous moments hanging out with friends hiking, swimming, biking it's past bedtime nights More  'yes, let's do it' days summertime adventures special memories captured time to just live in th

{the last days} #sol19

Slice of Life is  hosted  at the  Two Writing Teachers Join in and share a slice of your life.  _____________________________________________________ The last days of school are for ... reminders to exercise their reading brains making a reading plan of who? what? where? when? and why? filling their arms with new books to read at home and a notebook and pen to write story after story The last days of school are for ... small moments of connecting with each child noticing and telling of why they matter to me and this world sharing and caring as much as they need with hugs in between pouring all that I can into their hearts and minds The last day

Announcing the 2019 #cyberPD Book!

Announcing the 2019 #cyberPD Book! Check out our  NEW  #cyberPD MeWe Community   to learn more! We can't wait for YOU to join in the conversations! ________________________________________________________________ It's that time of year again! Cathy and I have finally selected our #cyberPD book for our summer learning. It's never an easy decision.  Conversations go back and forth.  Ideas fly.  Standards are high.  Book stacks full of possibilities are higher.  And then ... it happens.  The just right book emerges from the stacks. The book selection is important, but what makes this PD event truly successful are the amazing teachers and educators across the globe that support each other through the learning process. YOU make #cyberPD a success!  Thank YOU for joining us ... whether this is your very first year, or your 9th year,  or somewhere in between, we are thrilled YOU are joining in!  _________________________________________________