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reading helps too

On Tuesday I wrote about my stress-filled days at school.  I actually scribbled this little overwhelming vent about a week ago in my notebook and decided to write it up. . . because it's true.   Writing helps . Later that evening, the phone rang.  I checked the caller ID and it's my parents.  I picked up the phone.  I felt a pit in my stomach.  We have set times to talk, otherwise it's back and forth via email.  Why are they calling now? "Hello?" Holding my breath. "Hi, pumpkin --" "What's wrong?" I quickly interrupted. "I read your blog today." "Is everything okay?"  "I wanted to tell you that I love you." "Oh --" Tears filled my eyes. "I just felt really bad and it seems that you had a tough day." "Thanks Dad."   A  smile crept across my face. And so, my dad, a man of few words, took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  All because he loves me.  Thank

soLs: writing helps

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers If I'm feeling overwhelmed . . .                                                                     Words Their Way                                           Common Core                                                                                 Literacy                     RtI                                                           Homework debate                                                                                                ELLs                                                                          Refusals                                    Team meetings                                       Mainstreaming                                                                    Tier 1                                            Interventions                              

soLs: voices from the lost and found

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers Poetry fun! I've been perusing a variety of poetry books with my students.  I only read the title "Voices from the Lost and Found" from the book Don't Read This Book Whatever You Do: More Poems About School  by Kalli Dakos  and I knew I wanted to try it!  Every 'thing' needs a voice.  (The formatting is giving me some trouble!)                                                                            "Hey! Wait! What are you doing?"                      The lid opened, tossed inside. Darkness.  Silence.  Set aside.                                                                                "Helloooo???  Oh no." Yawn. S - t - r --e-- t - c - h. Oh, what a catch! "Ahem.  Hello. I'm the president                       of the lost and found at this instant."                 "Oh, hi. I won't be long.                                       


This is one of the "stories" I captured yesterday on my way to work while stopped for a moment at a red light.  Again, reminding me of that one child a nd the   two children   who have constantly been on my mind . watching a boy walking alone head down hoodie covering his face hands shoved deep in his pockets backpack heavy reaching to the ground forcing his shoulders down wanting to pickup his chin push back his shoulders look him in the eyes smile to let him know it's a new day, a fresh start let's begin again for you are not alone

a thousand stories

"Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas everyday.  The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them.   Most people don't see any." --Orson Scott Card This quote has been swimming in my head recently.... Driving to work this morning,  the stories were here and there  and everywhere I looked.   I grabbed my notebook and  scribbled.   Scribbled words.  Scribbled ideas.   Scribbled moments.   Scribbled stories. There are stories all around us waiting to be told.   Are you willing to slow down and grab hold?   Find the words to share a small moment. Go on. Start scribbling a thousand stories.

soLs: a wish

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers A writing idea found on pinterest . . .  i wish i wish every weekend was three days of fun. i wish for a constant bright shining sun. i wish for a full moon every night. i wish for the stars to shine ever-so bright. i wish for a wish upon a shooting star. i wish my parents didn't live so far. i wish to watch over that one child . i wish him to hold onto that smile. i wish i could hold my babies forever -- i wish, but sometimes a wish will never . . . ever. but i still wish.

Found Poetry: two children

On Tuesday, I wrote about one child .  One child that I worry about daily. On Wednesday, my principal shared this poem with the staff: TWO CHILDREN Same family, Same neighborhood, Same school, Same stress, Same neglect, Same abuse, Sullen, withdrawn, One shrinks, The other grows, Warm, popular. One finds nourishment, the other hardens. What is the difference? One found a caring adult, The other did not, One was encouraged, The other was not, One was expected to succeed,  The other was assumed to fail. One pops back, one stays down. Both are children Both are the future. ~ Thomas E. Baker Wow . . . goosebumps, right?  I guess one teacher can make the difference as many of you commented. My reminder to not give up!

student slicing

In the beginning of March, I shared the Slice of Life Challenge with my fourth and fifth grade groups.  All nine students were excited and wanted to take on the challenge. 9 students jumped in to write for 31 possible days with 15(ish) reminders during testing, over the weekends and 9 days over spring break 1 student wished he started 'slicing' in the beginning of the year to remember fifth grade 2 students asked me daily if I remembered to write 5 completed the challenge and wrote every day 1 happy teacher that all 9 participated and all 9 students want to try 30 days of writing in April Many are wondering what will happen in May or June. What about the summer?  I already told them I'm not going to deny them the opportunity to want to write.  We'll figure something out. Happy writing my writers! The title page of our April Challenge Journal.

soLs: one child

Slice of Life Stories hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers one child one child      Is sweet one minute, then defiant the next.      That just doesn't seem to care.      Is negative in thinking, glass always half empty.      That I struggle and fight to connect to daily. one child      With no one to count on.      A dad in prison and life on the run.      A constant uphill battle,      Full of confusions and lies. one child      Can life get any tougher?      Can he carry any more baggage?      Can you understand why he doesn't seem to care?      Can you even begin to blame him? one child      I'm easily frustrated by his choices.      I'm constantly redirecting, refocusing, reminding.      I close my eyes and take deep breaths      To remember what his life is like. one child      I want to make the difference.      I want this child to know.      I'm here for you.      I'm listening. one child      

More Three Words

More  Three Words  - Poetry Style: Did you forget? How could you? Can't stop now! Keep on trying. Just do it! Good for you. What-cha waitin' for? Move those fingers! Don't you remember? Feelings of accomplishment! Write for you -- Just write now!

Trying to . . .

I'm trying to read more posts and leave thoughtful comments, but it is late and I'm tired. (Yawn.) Comments mean so much to me (smile - reload - check - smile more), but my brain is exhausted. I want to read a slice from everyone (you and you and you), but my eyes are  s l o w l  y                                                                                                                                             c                                                                                                                                            l                                                                                                                                           o                                                                                                                                             s